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kilik flameblade:

Flame hammers fighters

Kilik flame hammer (chaos dwarf hero), shield, black hammer of hashut

107 pts

Core troops

12 chaos dwarf warriors

108 pts

10 chaos dwarf warriors

90 pts

Special units

6 hobgoblin bolt throwers

180 pts

Total = 485 pts.

C+C welcome. my main opponent is wood elves.

The Flying Beaver:

Too many bolt throwers, that could be considered cheesy. At most, I’d take 2, and if it was a warbands game, you could only take one. While you’re at it, drop the hammer/shield for great weapon and heavy armour. At such a small point size you want less superheroes and more troops. Increase the warrior units and grab some hobbos while you’re at it.


Beaver basically said everything I was going to, so I’ll echo his statements and add this: 10-man units of naked Hobbos work wonders in small games. Deploy them 3x3 with 1 in back, and charge your opponents’ flanks while CDs charge front. I can’t think of an army with the power to equal CDs in combat and yet have enough numbers to engage your Hobbos. Plus, 20pts for negating rank is just great! If you’re lucky, they’ll get kills too!


I agree with catbarf get some hobbos also if your main opponent is

wood elves don’t plan to win the game by combat “them elves are

a cowerdly bunch they are”.You see they will just run frome you.

kilik flameblade:

problem is, he does’nt run, and the hero is the guy i actually am converting, and i have henceforth (for fluff/personal reasons) decided to take him (in 2000 upgrade to lord for more equipment) in every engagment against this particular oponent because his treekin are my personal enimes. i’ll try to get hobbo’s though.


i think you’ll find it hard to get your M3 lumberjack in contact with his M5 treekin… unless your opponent is an ass…
this tactic is traditionally done with a lord on taurus… a BC hero or lord… or even a hobbie on wolf…
better to model your hero (who can serve as general in both 1K and 2K) with armor of Gaz and GW…
which i cant imagine looks much different anyway…

as for the list… 6 BT at 500 points will leave you friendless and alone…
and with nothing to protect them… probably wont even win you games…


I wouldn’t take any bolt throwers in 500pts vs Wood Elves because it just doesn’t make any sense.

He won’t have a treeman because he can’t fit it into the list and that means you’ll be killing a maximum of 6 elves per turn.

I don’t think that CDs are good at 500pts, especially not against armies like WE or Beastmen.

I’d invest in some hobgoblins, they’re the only thing that’ll be able to do anything

kilik flameblade:

okay, hobgobbo’s it is, and if anyone has any extra models i would be happy to take them off your hands. (little short on cash)

Hashut’s Blessing:

I’d suggest giving the 10 strong unit of warriors BBs instead of a bolt thrower. Have them 10 wide and you have a 200mm wide, 12" forward killing zone. Against elves, S3 will do the job. Replace the other bolt throwers with hobbos and/or more warriors as well. Maybe take a standard or two…


Ok try using hobgoblin’s with bow’s there 5 point’s a pop and ther BS3,

who cares if they miss your bount to hit at least once.Also in 2000pts

laugh at his lord “haha your wood elf highborn is only T3 haha”.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Much wiser to use goblin archers instead of hobbos with bows. Cheaper.

Uzkul Werit:

But Goblins only have Shortbows (I think), have to be in a unit of 20 and take up a Special choice.


and they are not that much cheaper anymore… with bows they cost 4…
and at gobbo minimum unit size a hobbie unit can be up to 15 strong and cost less…
the extra range is worth 1 point… its wasn’t worth 2…
at 3 pointz gobbo stkkas were quite a treat… ah the good ole dayz…

but the new competition for hobbo archers iz arrer boyz…
for an extra point a model you get a choppa, light armor and T4… now thats value…

i like to bring a pair of BTs at 500… if its not border patrol…
something like this might do well…
Chaos Dwarf Hero: Armor of Gazrakh, Great Weapon
15 Blunderbussers: Blunderbuss
14 Blunderbussers: Blunderbuss
2 Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower

BBs for woodies… BTs for tree kin…