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So Flames of Azergoth or however you spell it. A simple question that I am not sure how to answer.

The toughness test -2 or die, can you look out sir this test? I am unsure how call this as it is a template spell, but its a template that has an odd side effect. IE its pretty much the only spell of its type. So who says what and why? Feed back please as I find myself using this spell to snipe uber characters.

Hashut’s Blessing:

It’s a template attack like any other, so there is still a Look Out Sir! roll. It doesn’t state otherwise and definitely uses a template.


I believe you can only make Look Out Sir rolls against “hits”, not against characteristic tests.


While that is true, you can sadly look out sir the template, meaning the hit and all that goes with it is dodged. In this case the template is in the way of the killing power of the spell.

Grimbold Blackhammer:

The text reads “when a champion is hit by a template…” so I presume (and allow) enemy character will get a Look Out, Sir! roll - if they succeed they are pushed out of the way.

Grimbold Blackhammer

Da Crusha:

I believe the Look out sir is for the template and any effects that come with it. so if a character dodges out of the way he won’t be affected by it.


Here, you have a look out roll against the S6 hit, but not against the characteristic test. But with no argue…

Vardan Painkiller:

That is true that characteristic tests offer no look out, but if ur playing anything close to ETC format, restrictions or at least faq, then u can Lookout from certain spells like dwellers below etc.


Definitely a look out sir. You can take a look out sir from Purple Sun, which forces a characteristic test and is a template. You can take a look out sir from a stone thrower, which has different effects whether you are under the center or under the rest.

Seems like pretty good precedent for the look out sir- and prohibiting one would take a lot of explaining to make happen- not a good sign.


My gaming group and I have always interpreted the “hit by a template” part of the wording to only apply to actual hits from the template, as a hit is a specific term in the game. The only evidence I could find for Purple Sun allowing Look Out Sir rolls is from this FAQ:

Q: Does the �?~Look Out Sir�?T special rule apply against all spells that

use templates? (p93)

A: Yes.

This can be interpreted to either as:

A - Template spells always allow Look Out Sir rolls, even if they wouldn’t normally apply.


B - Template spells always allow Look Out Sir rolls within the context of the Look Out Sir rule, which means that any “hit” can be tested for.

Either way is a reasonable interpretation. Just make sure that you and your gaming group are consistent on this applying the same way to all template spells that have effects other than “hits” and you should be fine. If you can snipe their uber-characters you can also lose yours to a Pit or Purple Sun. All’s fair in magical templatey doom! Might be a good thing to check with a TO about before the event if you plan on using the trick at tournaments.