[Archive] Flaming Weapons from GS


Today i made a tutorial on making flames. Check it out:


Like this!: Redirecting...

Feed your Imagination,



Thanx. simple but effective. waiting 20 minutes, i would not have thought of that (:


Good tutorial.

Waiting 20 minutres before sculpting is actually one of the most useful lessons for sculpting green stuff one can learn (although one should still press the putty in place and make sure it sticks). Except for large sculpting efforts, it is generally easier to sculpt something after a little while. Now, this doesn’t hinder impatient little me from attacking the putty at once, although bunch sculpting usually helps with “waiting” some minutes before starting to sculpt, because of the green stuff that must be secured on several miniatures.

Kera foehunter:

WE must be related Brovatar
I love your Flaming weapon you done .
I have also made gs flaming weapons

HIgh 5


High 5!

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