[Archive] flash in signature


is it possible to put a litle flash application in your signature, if so how can I do it. I want to put a litle flash game in my signature (I still have to make it).


it depends how much it would slow things. Over elaborate sigs can be a bit of a pain in the *ss as they take time loading and take up a load of page space. Best bet is to check with a mod before you add it

Hashut’s Blessing:

I’m afraid I’m going to have to say a flash game in the signature is out. An ordinary flash video type thing would be too much really. Some people (often the mods) have to access the website via a phone and they simply can’t get anything done because of loading time. Also, it would likely take up too much space. Sorry. You’re more than welcome to have a link to the flash game though.


If you wanted to post your game in the off topic section, I could arrange for that.


ok, thanks for the answer. When I want to post a game in the off topic section I wil you xander