[Archive] Flayed skin on shields?


I’ve been meaning to put this on all week and kept forgetting :~

I am still looking for a suitable image to put on all my shields. All the warriors are going to have the same image to unite them.

I’ve tried a few versions of the skull thing, but I’m not too happy with it.

So I was thinking, what about a flayed face that’s bolted on? I might need to try this weekend and see how it looks, but in principle would that be too chaosy?

I can’t find a suitable image to show you at this point, but it would help to reinforce the ‘tortured faces’ theme with the hellcannon.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Well, I think that if it fits with your army, do it. Not to mention that you can still retain some individuality by varying the expressions/shapes/colours of the faces and number of bolts, etc. so that it ties it in, but keeps them different!

Ghrask Dragh:

Fayed skin sounds good, especially with a ‘torture’ themed army. As Hashut’s Blessing said it gives a good chance for variety with human, dwarf, greenskins, ogres.

I have decided that mine will have Dragonscales on their sheild in the same manner, stretched across the front and bolted on!

So I say go for it, I’m sure with your GS skills you will make them look awesome!


Here is my first attempt.

I went for a Dwarf face, but on reflection having a wide variety of beard colours won’t unite the army as i hoped.��Looking at this model, if I stuck to black, white and browns would it be too much variety?��I’m using the same colours on scale mail and red trim, so IMO it might just work.��I can always scrape them off later on if it looks too many colours.

I actually painted this literally straight after sculpting.

Ghrask Dragh:

:sick That looks sic!!!

Thats a awesome shield really works well! Good choice for the first victim :)��Maybe you could mix the black, white and browns with the same colour, like a greyish colour to unite them abit and make them look worn out at the same time?

Can’t wait to see more!


haha. THat looks really good. WHAT THE HECK DOES IMO MEAN?! Good job though.


IMO = In My Opinion

I would say that it definatly looks good, however for me it lacks iconic unity, while the idea of flaying faces could be a common trait of your clan of Chaos Dwarves perhaps design an icon that represents torture like a barbed whip ect and have the occasional Chaos Dwarf with an actual flayed face on their shield.

This is simply for the practical reason of Chaos Dwarves rarely coming into contact with humans let alone dwarfs and the speed that the faces would rot and become unreconisable as faces would be extraordinary in the ash wastes of the darklands so the only practical way to keep a fresh face on your shield as a chaos dwarf would be to skin a hobgoblin every few days and the chaos dwarfs would not stand for hobgoblin faces on their sheild, whom would that intimidate? Furthmore if you did have human or even dwarven slaves it would be a waste of resorces to use them as mear decoration and what respecting Chaos Dwarf would throw away currency.

This is however just a fluff reason against it that people might disagree with. I have to say though it does look badass and I am constantly impressed by the stuff iv seen of yours

Kera foehunter:

i like the idea grims. i would try maybe to have the face more ripped and jagged. and i think maybe nails instead of bolts (it gives it a more hatered look toward the dwarfs ) like they enjoyed puting it on the shield

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Hah, that face looks great! I wouldn’t worry too much about different beard colours, if you stick to different shades of brown the whole army will still look very united. How about leaving the flayed skin away on some shields and adding shrunken dwarf heads instead? :slight_smile: Same theme, different look!


My Chaos Dwarfs are themed to be on a mission in the Empire, so finding victims for the shields is fairly easy :slight_smile: I will try and put a few elves and men in when I finish the unit (all roughly the same flesh colour so it will be themed).

Greenskins are a definate idea, I am tempted more towards that of a rebel Black Orc warlord from the Mountains of Mourn.


The shields are metal, so bolts would probably be better. They are also easier than nails to do.


Nice flayed face i like it ,thats same colour on your flayed cloaks .Nice theme .Will your standards be flayed skins ,heads etc?

Pyro Stick:

Nice flayed face i like it ,thats same colour on your flayed cloaks .Nice theme .Will your standards be flayed skins ,heads etc?

Dont get too carried away with the flayed body parts. Its not that much of a chaos dwarf theme. When i was writing up rules for the juggernaut i thought of a rule 'Skins of the Foe' that worked in the same way as the TK 'Skulls of the Foe'. It wasnt recieved that well as it doesnt really fit in. Its more of a chaos and skaven thing.

Kera foehunter:

grims dont put any pirates slayers on the shields o.k.