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i would like to add a contingent of duergar to my cd army but i cant think up good fluff for them being in the world of whfb.

help would be much appreiciated any fluff you think of will be far better than what had in mind so go ahead. :cheers

in case you didnt know duergar are a race of evil gray skinned dwarfs from dungeons and dragons. heres some fluff i found online.

Like their dwarven brethren, duergar are typically stocky figures, though beyond this there are many differences. Both male and female duergar are typically bald, with females also lacking the capacity to grow facial hair.[1] When they are not bald, however, duergar grow spiny quills like those of a porcupine rather than typical hair, both along their scalp and in their beards, which they can shoot at their enemies.

Thommy H:

A mutant strain? A slave caste? A clan/group/whatever from a different place in the world? Renegade Dwarfs who have been Marked by some Chaos entity in a way that alters their appearance?

Delete as appropriate.


Hm yep,they could be just a kind of another clan which develloped parallel to the Dawi-Zharr… the Chaosdwarfs lived on the surface and dug mines, the Duergar or whatever you want to call them in the Warhammer world lived seperated in a Dungeon deep under the Plains of Zharr. A couple of thousands years they came back on the surface an made allies with the CDs. Like the Humans in GorkaMorka (are they Digganobs or something in English?) :hat off


thank you snotling, thats a reasonable explanation i will write up fluff tomorrow.


Chaos Dwarfs ARE Duegar in every way that is important.

In fact, there is a lot more similarity there than between WarHammer and D&D Dark Elves, Goblins, Hobgoblins, Orcs, Ogres, Centaurs, Satyrs, Dryads and so forth.

Really, the only races that transfer over fairly directly are human, Halflings, High Elf, Dwarf and (to a reasonably extent) Wood Elf.


ok heres some fluff points

they are from the area north of ind

they have a vaguely hindu look as opposed to assryian

they are gone use some sort of giant gribbly for sieges

lots of swords

no hobgoblins but instead some other slave race (ideas?)

comments critisms ideas ect are all very welcome


Sounds good so far and since they are farther north I think slave races would be:

Norscans, possibly some cool type of ice daemons, or you could go with the Elf route perhaps saying that your Dwarfs conquered an elven colony.


Humans would be the obvious slave race to use.

Elephant Ogres, Rakahasha, Vanara and Naga are all imaginably too elite to use as slaves. I can’t think of any other races that would be found in an Indian Mythical setting.


ok heres what they are going to make use of as a taurus

and for hg wolfriders they will use spiders

ps the taurus sub is a chronopia fig


Should your CD/Duergar live in the underground or at the surface?

I ask because of a possible slave race and of your Taurus!

If they live below surface the Taurus should have no wings and you are free to create a complete new/unknown slave race!

Otherwise you should adjust the ideas more to the official Warhammer World!

So what is your intention?



zanko- they will live in large subterrainian forts under the jungles of ind.

any advice on a new slave race would be much appreciated there is no bounds expet they must be feeble enough to be enslaved so all ideas are welcome.


At first imo your Taurus shouldn’ get wings!

A slave race … a possible one could be lizardmen (there could be different ones like the greenskins), Drider (spider+ … hybrids), perhaps a kind of “dungeon crawler” I think of inhabitants of the underworld who remembers me of 40K Genestealer/the mutated Vampires from Blade (2nd Film) - I think I like mostly the last ones! Wild, stupid animal like creatures who can “walk” on the ground, the walls and the ceilings … brutal and always hungry!

What do you think?



here i have had two ideas for slaves

(1) skinks with spines instead of crests and vermillion skin wielding neolithic weapons

(2) some form of multilimbed goblin= crawls on walls and ceiling

i also like the idea of genestealers but im not sure how to make them look fantasyish

as for the god i am tempted to make it similer to the god (kali) in indiana jones and the temple of doom