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so im justing thinking, why did their used to be boar centaurs, and now they are bull centaurs,

Was Hashut once thought of as more of a boar god then a bull god, was he even though of as a bull god?

Ghrask Dragh:

The boar centaurs were a result of sorcerers experiments and were not thought of as highly as bull centaurs, they were used abit like slaves to push thinks around like the whirlwinds and juggernaught and such. The bull centaurs weren’t thought up by GW untill the big-hat generation years later, maybe they were inspired by the boar centaurs in design but I’m pretty sure there is no other link between them. The bull cantaurs are gifted by Hashut? I’m not sure on the bulls background but it’s something like that.

To be honest, I think the boar centaurs make alot moar sense than bull centaurs, but I think I’m alone in that.

Thommy H:

Boar centaurs have nothing to do with Hashut for the very good reason that their existence predates his in the background by quite a few years. Boar centaurs were just a kind of Chaos mutant used by the early Chaos Dwarfs (who weren’t their own race, but a subset of the rest of the Chaos army). During the same period, Chaos armies were using regular (equine) centaurs as troops.

When the Chaos Dwarfs became their own army in 4th Edition, one of their new troop types were the Bull Centaurs, a race of creatures whose ancestors were mutated by Hashut thousands of years ago. Hashut is a bull, so obviously his mutations follow that theme (in the same way Khorne’s mutations tend to be dog-like and Nurgle’s tend to be really, really gross).

You can find out more on the wiki’s [[Bull Centaur]] page.


personally I see bull centaurs as the more respected type of centaur.

Though usally in game terms boars are pretty strong creatures and I cans ee boar centaurs used on the field as battle. Just let them loose

Thommy H:

Well I don’t think boar centaurs even officially exist any more.


They haven’t even been mentioned since 4th edition came out.


Boar centaurs were released in the third edition. They we’re the creation of a mad dwarf engineer who had turned to chaos because he felt he didn’t recieve enough recognition. Back in those days, “chaos dwarfs” we’re simply dwarfs who had turned to chaos. The one in question had a snake for a tongue. The boar centaurs we’re gifted with immense supernatural strength and used to push war machines such as the Tenderiser, Whirlwind and Juggernaut. Three models were released for them, one pushing each of the war machines.

Bull Centaurs were created to coinside with the creation of a Chaos Dwarf race. They were the favoured servants of Hashut who were gifted with the likeness of bulls in His image. Their fluff is better documented elsewhere.

The boar centaurs no longer offically exist, nor do the warmachines they used. Many Chaos Dwarf players who harken back to the third edition days still like them however, especially since they feature in all three of arguablly the three coolest CD minatures of that time


I believe Bull Centaurs guard the Temple of Hashut in Zharr Naggrund, so they obviously occupy a position of great importance in the CD society (similar to how worshippers of other Chaos Gods who have marks or gifts are also seen as being especially important).

Im effect, they are a part of the Chaos Dwarf upper class. Probably not on a par with Sorcerors or Lords but definitely up there.


I see chaos dwarf society as essentially being split into three camps.

1) The sorcerors, of which the Bull Centaurs are their proverbial muscle. They are their agents and bodyguards and are used to supplement the armies of whom the high priests favour. They wish to see as many sacrifices as possible to the god who gives them their sorcerous powers.

2) The slavers. These are the warlords and faction leaders who capture/deal/exploit the slaves for personal profit. They wish to keep as many slaves as they can for maximum labour worth.

3) The slaves, of which the boar centaurs are a part of. Be they wierd experiments on captured dwarfs, the offspring of those eastern dwarfs unable to get underground before the great storm, whatever they are, they are beasts of burden. Regarded higher than say a goblin, but on par with an ogre or orc for their ability to work harder/shift more rubble in the mines etc


It’s really a question of boar powered vs daemon powered. Previously, all machinery and artillery tended to follow earth’s own history, example look at the petard. The cd holding the “mug”. That’s not a mug. It’s a representation of a rear breech that actually existed in history.

Now skip forward to the now, while no means official cannon chaos dwarfs now have daemon binding aspects to them due to Grudge Bearer. so with the demise of the push driven war machines so goes the boar centaurs.