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After a long hiatus from fantasy (last time I played I ran undead, not vampire counts, not tomb kings, but undead), I’ve returned and settled on chaos dwarfs. So far I’ve played four games of 8th edition, three with warriors of chaos, and one with the fw chaos dwarf list. I’m off at school now, with no one to game with, and nothing but time to learn the rules and write lists, which is why I’m posting today.

What are people’s thoughts on a prophet riding around a flying carpet? The general idea being mobility is good, as he could respond to threats to my warmachines, go after opponents warmachines, and swoop in to help if a fight started going south.

I’m going to guess the idea would be better off as a prophet on the giant flying bull thingy. That’ll likely be what I do down the road, when I can afford said giant bull thingy. Also, this route is significantly cheaper point wise.

For what little it may matter, my home group’s fantasy line up looks like multiple skaven, one high elf, a ogre, a daemon, one orc&goblin, two tomb kings, a lizard man, and two supposed empire players (I’ve never seen them actually play fantasy). There is also a guy with access to dark elfs, warriors of chaos, and I think vampire counts.


Neither option is fantastic really. You don’t really need your general flying about all over the place it just makes him vulnerable. You’d be better off sticking him in a unit of infernal guard.


I don’t agree with you MLP, flying general is a very good idea!

I always use a prophet on bale taurus and he his fare from being vulnerable!

He his a brute in close combat since I play with the lore of fire that can heal his mount.

The bale taurus rocks them all: 5A S6, furious stomp, breath S4, blazing body…

He is fast and can hide behind a terrain or a k’daai / Centaurs / iron demon if the ennemy have warmachine

He gives his leadership at 18ps: hobgoblins love it!

He can still use his rule “infernal ingeneer” for your own warmachine.

On a flying carpet, he can use the look at sir! special rule when close to your warmachine: he is safe and can go wherever he wants. I have to test him with the lore of death, using his flying move to place the purple sun…

Something that can be cool: lammasu, lore of shadow, breath attack + prophet lore of death

lammasu cast miasma then the prophet use the sun of xereus!

And a flying general don’t hurt his budies when miscasting…

But you have to play big guys around like hellcannon, k’daai, iron demon etc…


I think I’ll have a couple “big guys”…probably two hellcannon and two iron daemon. I might run a destroyer way later, but I want to get used to running the stunty little buggers without him. On top of the above I’m going to have as many deathsriekers as possible, no hobgoblins (maybe some khans on wolves…maybe) and two units of infernal guard.


Two hellcannons, two iron demons, that’s quite hard with 4 unbreakable monsters!

If you use those guys, you won’t have any difficulty to hide the flying prophet.

I suggest to play with this base:

-flying sorcerer prophet

-2 magma cannons

-40 blunderbuss with banner of swiftness: they are awful in horde, no one can come and take them!


I need to experiment with the blunderbuss guys…I tried using them the one game with CDs I played and they did nothing. Building lists it’s really hard to justify the points in my mind, but I’ve seen a lot of people here talk about them positively.


I had a game where they killed 27 sword master of hoeth in a single row so I’m quite satisfied

None dare to charge such a horde and they can blow anything at range so you won’t regret the investment.


Thoughts on having one big (30+) blunderbuss blob acting as a prophet bunker and a couple smaller (20ish) units of hw/s guys along with the ton of warmachines?


Thoughts on having one big (30+) blunderbuss blob acting as a prophet bunker and a couple smaller (20ish) units of hw/s guys along with the ton of warmachines?



Heh, yeah, it’ll be that. A couple of the guys in my area have been playing for a while, and some of the guys who aren’t exactly old school but aren’t brand new stuck with one army, so there’s a good selection of large armies to go up against. Basically, I’d like to have a large force I can take pieces out of to make small/medium/large forces.


Thoughts on having one big (30+) blunderbuss blob acting as a prophet bunker and a couple smaller (20ish) units of hw/s guys along with the ton of warmachines?

I am a huge fan of the dual horde list.

Your main horde of 28+ blunderbus equipped infernal guard with full command housing your Castellan BSB and Prophet. One of which would have the Mask of the furnace.

Second horde of one of the following:

39 Hobgoblin cutthroats with additional hand weapons or shields to your liking. Full command and a hobgoblin Khan on foot, ideally with the terrifying mask of eee! or shrieking blade at minimum.

29 infernal guard with full command and a castellan of with terrifying mask of eee! or shrieking blade.

Keep both hordes next to each other and they are Ld10 rerollable. Stubborn with castellans. Fear/terror causing (bringing enemy WS to 1 is great for hobgoblins).


Think I would go with the two units of infernal guard. I like the hobgoblins I have made so far (2.5), but the conversion is too time/effort intensive at the moment.

Like I said earlier, I’m coming back to the game after a long time, and didn’t play that seriously when I did…so a lot of the common tactics are all pretty new. I was talking with a guy about chaff units, and I was wondering how that all works for chaos dwarves. It looks like we have a couple options, with the wolf riders or khans on wolves, but it seems like people don’t always run them. Are people successfully using CDs without chaff? If so, any pointers?


I don’t often run much chaff. I’ll sometimes have a Khan on Wolf, but mostly i’ll just use one unit of Wolf Raiders as a screening or flanking unit. Once you get to the point of having 3 or more chaff units you’re spending enough points which could be used for a good sized unit instead.