[Archive] For Sale: Citadel 3rd Ed Chaos Dwarfs (New items listed)


Over the next few days/weeks I’ll be listing batches of Chaos Dwarves as I break down my large collection of the buggers.

This is Batch 1:

Red X = Sold


UK based and P&P is extra.

Willing to post WW at buyers expense.

Trade is a option, after Mantic Abyssals Dwarfs & Warmaster Dark Elves.


Up for sale is 6 Hobgoblins + 1 Khan Mounted on Chaos Hounds/Wolves, 2 are missing hands and weapons and all are converted in some way and needing some TLC/Paint Strip.

5 are mounted on plastic Chaos Hounds and 2 are on metal Chaos Hounds.

£30 the lot, UK based and P&P will be extra ( £5 UK and alot more for International)