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Forge World have issued a release on Facebook asking what questions people would like answered about the Tamurkhan book:



That is interesting. I’m sure they’ve heard our prayers.

Time of Madness:

Those are suppose to be questions directed at the author. I don’t think they intend for us to be asking FAQ type questions.

Please see the FAQ thread in the Warhammer Forge section.

Time of Madness


"As an author, how did you envision us playing the rule that gives a -1 To Wound. That S3 still wounds on 6s or not at all"

If they don’t want these types of questions, well, don’t make us need the answer. FWIW FAQ sorta is questions to the author, he wrote the mechanic so who better to explain what he meant when it’s unclear.

I see they have trouble keeping people on the subject. Considering most people haven’t even been near a book yet… maybe not so surprising.

Thommy H:

Not much point asking him about that rule, since it’s lifted directly from Storm of Magic.