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Kera foehunter:

Well let get this topic Started

No holds Bard

So which figures do you Persoanly like the best

Gw figures as in tall hats

Forge world cd as the new ones

Ohh can’t forget the helms or the mask

Personally i like the tall hats there have not been a chaos dwarf

That i like better the size of the Hat matters:hat off


GW Hats are everything!


Well let get this topic Started
No holds Bard

Kera foehunter
Did you mean "barred"? Or perhaps "bard" as in general reference to any professional poet for hire?  Or did you really mean "Bard", as in William Shakespeare? I don't even want to think about the NO holes barred Bard! Ew.
O, why should wrath be mute, and fury dumb?
I am no baby, I, that with base prayers
I should repent the evils I have done:
Ten thousand worse than ever yet I did
Would I perform, if I might have my will;
If one good deed in all my life I did,
I do repent it from my very soul.

Aaron, Titus Andronicus
I do have a lot of Bighats in my army. Despite that. I do prefer my Dawi'Zharr from the bald and smoking creed... I'm still waiting for the "Bald" creed to be an option for the CDO profile section. Been a few years and it hasn't happened yet. x.x



I like the occasional tall hat, much like the current FW line. Tall hats for leaders, masks/helmets for everyone else!


I like the GW big hats… although, the Hellcannon crew is pretty awesome, too.

The new FW ones don’t really do it for me, although the Taurus is pretty sweet.


I dislike the infernal guard helmets, but i love the new forgeworld crew and character models with big hats. I hope that they decide to do rank and file in that style one day. But, I am really happy with the scibor moscals for rank and file minis, and using the forgeworld models for characters and crew.


All about the big hats.

Most of the FW stuff is great though. Channels some of the big hat goodness



The Daemonsmiths are some of the coolest figures I’ve ever seen.

It’s not that I didn’t like the old GW ones, but the new FW models are incredible.


1980’s Marauder and citadel… hands down!


Its all about the size of the hat Kera!


Personally, I don’t see why there should be a single option in an army–if we’re talking chaos, then shouldn’t there be a decent amount of variation?  With other dwarves, I seek uniformity, but with chaos dwarves I strive for diversity.

I don’t mind the masks, though I sort of see them as fitting better on crewmen and the sort.  It just seems right like that, almost like a leather apron on a smith.

The original helms I like the best, even though I’ve heard the complaint that it isn’t original.  Maybe not, but this looks like something that fits their character as they try to appear as fearsome as they can and to instill a demoniac look about themselves.

The IG helms I like in their own way.  These helms are relatively featureless and seem to lack character, but I think that this only fits them all the more–they’re basically being punished for some crime that they committed, so until they atone for it, they must remain a nameless, faceless grunt awash in a sea of similar penitants. Once they have vindicated themselves, then the helm may come off and reveal their face once again to the world–scarred and hideous, though it be.

I know that the majority of you guys adore the bighats to no end. I, for one, simply couldn’t stand them. The combination of those oversized hats along with the cartoonish look of these dwarves repulsed me. You can say that it gave them character and made them different–it sure did do that. But I could never stomach the look. At least the 8th edition dwarves who have hats have toned it down to an acceptable level for me; the dwarves themselves are more realistic as opposed to being a caricature and the hats aren’t as garishly large as before. Still, even reined in as they are, the hats on these ones still bother me a bit.

Now don’t take offense at my comments regarding the bighats. Each person has their own preference and their own opinions. I generally try to keep mine to myself, but the question was asked. If you like them, more power to you. And fortunately for you guys, since I don’t, that’s one less person to bid against you on those eBay auctions.


1980's Marauder and citadel... hands down!



1980's Marauder and citadel... hands down!



2nd and 3rd edition are simply mindblowing!
the rest not so much


The fw characters look briljant, as far as the troops I must say it goes to the gw bighats.


big hats all the way. took one look at their hats and curly breads and i was in love


I like both. I think its a testament to the CD that in tandem with having the coolest heavy infantry and artillery with their new models, their old models continue to display a characterful allure increasingly wanton in the current GW range. Personally I use IG as board and sword with big hats as my blunderbuss’s reflecting the non-slaves enjoying to the cooler guns.


I much prefer the FW versions. They’re darker, less cartoony and look more like an evil race. While I always liked the concept of Chaos Dwarfs, the old figures never fit my vision of what they should be like. The FW stuff has been a real improvement. I just can’t wait to see how they bring Bull Centaurs to life (the artwork we’ve seen looks fantastic!)


In the main the problem here is we are talking about miniatures separated by 20 years of skill, tools and technology improvement.
It’s not really fair to to make that comparison other than on rather generic style, IMNSHO.

I like the Big Hats, specifically how I imagine a modern version would turn out. The FW characters to me give an indication of how that could look. I really don’t like the FW regulars much. Boring and not so individualistic. Which as far as I understand the Legion of Azorgth fluff is what they were going for. Not my cup of Chaos Dwarf tea though.


I like both old big hat cartoonish boyz and new ‘serious’ CD. And I think it is two versions of one ‘Big Hat’ conseption.


I like the modern version and have the hope for a modern big hat unit.

I haven`t got any old models and think i will abstain, excepting old hobgobs cause i thing FW hobgoblins could bankrupt me.