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Forgemaster Gubins :

Good day all, the first of hopfully many posts of my chaos dwarf army as it forms. This army’s back story is based around the “The Mighty Forgemaster” who at the moment is unmade :frowning: but luckily his side kick is “Andras Iron Weaver” who is a hero. The army is a supply force sending its weapons and armour to buyers from all races who wish dwaven goods. This being the case they have alot of armour and weapons, so are never in short supply. Not an army to mess with!These are the first of my rank and file warriors, sculptured on face masks, changed weapons ect.

And here some pictures of the single models…

And here is “Andras Iron Weaver” in all his short glory lol He was made with the Battle for skull pass thane with weapon changed and green stuffed mask and a set of new horns, along with more evil sheild.

And some side shots to show painting :o

And thats all the stuff i have done so far i hope it is of the standard of this site as some of the models are just great, (for example i love snotlings hero’s they’re brilliant, i love the wizards!) and i will keep you posted as i progress.  

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



You have a very cool, unique look going on here! Its got a good grungy

“from the Chaos wastes” look to it.

I really like the old metal feel - very nicely painted, but I can’t help but feel it needs another highlight to bring out the detail from afar. I think it would help punch up the model and get more attention.


Looking good FMG. I like that they have a ‘chaosy’ feel too them, and in particular the gargoyle-esque masks and shield emblems. I agree with GRNDL, an extra highlight would give them a lot more ‘presence’ but all in all A v good start and unique looking army, I’ll keep tabs on this with interest! :hat off


Add mine to the chorus. Great start, just a few highlight will make them look even better.

Kera foehunter:

i love those helmets!!!The bull fase guy rules

Ishkur Cinderhat:

A very gritty, archaic look. Nice take on the marauder theme!

Hobgoblin King:

I really like it, seems obvious you have a clear picture of the army in your head, you breath life to your models.


Your pics make me want to dabble in the green and try creating a unique mask to call my own!

Good work!

Forgemaster Gubins :

Hello again i have now finished the first unit of chaos dwarf warriors! and even better the character which the army is based upon “The Forgmaster”. I have done alot of work on his backstory, reading through old rules and background for the chaos dwarfs and think i have created a character that should fit in with their own story. The forgmaster is a Sorcerer and Engineer, he rules over a small area of the chaos dwarf’s lands, although his area of land is small he own several mines which yield many ores which him and smithies use for forging. As stated in some of the background for chaos dwarfs, that their socerer’s as they use more magic turn into stone, i thought i would make the Forgemaster as he is an Engineer build a machine which slows down the effects of this process. That is why he has so many pipes and an engine on his back lol! Any way here are the pictures of him including some pictures of the finished unit and all model of made so far…

And the unit and single models…

And all my models so far!

Well thats all for this post and thank you for your positivness last time i posted very helpful! next time i’ll coming back with hopefully a warmachine and bull-centaurs or blunderbusses depending on how busy i am. And a more in-depth detail and about the army and its hero’s complete with short story:idea


that engineer is freaking sweet


yeah seriously cool i love it

the armour plating over the beard is great.

i like the rune on the banner too

Kera foehunter:

Great job !! the engineer is perfect


Great stuff love the masks the full metal suit on the engineers is top :hat

Have a slave to help with the next thing

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Haha, very nice! The engineer is truly something unique that no one has attempted in this style before.

I feel you should scale down the pictures a bit. It’s hard to get a good impression of the whole miniature if one has to scroll down and sideways to see all parts of it. ^^

Forgemaster Gubins :

Thanks for the comments! and Ishkur Cinderhat i will try and make the pictures smaller as i understand wt u mean is a bit annoying! IN the next couple of days the warmachine and first Blunderbuff men will be done!


Blunderbuff - Have they been working out!!!


Forgemaster Gubins :

LOL yes hammer hand they have! and im surprised,i’d have expected ppl to have already picked up all my bad grammer and spelling LOL

Painting first five blunderbuss guys and cannon will be posted 2moro!!!

Forgemaster Gubins :

Hello All! the blunderbuss guys and warmachine are done! JUst now need to do the other 5 men to complete the unit and a secound crew man…

And the warmachine!!!

THats all for this time will be back soon with the next 5 blunderbusses and will be starting my “elite” unit of CD’s.


I love it, love it. Wicked cool!

I compelled to donate some slaves, and that I will



cool death rocket