[Archive] Forget WoW killer, is WAR a WHFB killer?


I was in the local game store in my old home town last week, and the owner had his GW stock discounted 20%. He said he was doing it to clear out the stock since Warhammer isn’t a big seller in Flyspeck BC, but he said something else that concerned me.

Apparently most of his Warhammer regulars are in the Beta for WAR, and in their own words “Haven’t touched a model in weeks”. A couple of them claim that once the game goes live they’ll probably never play the miniatures game again.

To me the two games are apples and oranges, I never really thought it would eat into WHFB. Is anyone here going to abandon the table top for the desktop? Have you heard other gamers talking about it?

Kera foehunter:

Well out here warhammer is down too 40 k is falling faster. the kids are not buying it!!

most of the old timmer are saying the ression is killing there business!!

there hour are being cut i think the lotr stuff is at 50% off

my dad said this is like the 80s when the wargamming omost died

well online games still the way to get kids to join

but they will get tired of that when the new games come up like two weeks


If anything, I think WAR will increase GW sales in the longterm. The game experiences aren’t at all similar, really, so unless you just love the background and any source will do, why leave the tabletop game?

Now, if they had “Warhammer Online” for real, as in a computer-aided version of the TTG, then I could see it drawing off players.


I would never trade in my minis for a desktop! NEVER!!! Though I’ve never played the game before…


as said before in this topic, the 2 games are to diffrent, the only thing that is similair in the 2 games is the world. in other words i wont trade my minis for my desktop.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

I remember my time as WoW player very well. And while I played the game for more than 2 years, I was never a real hardcore gamer and actually quite active still in Warhammer and 40k.

So I think it depends on the type of gamer - people who play online games 24-7 are not exactly GW’s target community, and people who don’t play online games a lot also won’t play WAR excessively.

Kera foehunter:

wow i played it a few times . i like D&D better

then when i saw it on South Park !! i never played it again!!!


Well, failing some sort of Green Stuff modifying tool, you’l never get the level of customisation with WAR as you do with warhammer itself.

Computer games take away some of my time from modelling, but eventually the new game buzz wears off and i go back to my miniatures. Even if they develop a computer game identical to the board game, where you’re able to spend hours converting/colouring/modding your online army…you are in effect just playing with binary code. It is not a real construct.

Real models may take much longer and cost more to finish, but all my hours work can not be taken away by a simple computer crash.

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

i will never give it up(i can’t)for a game i’m like what kera said about a months time and i’ll only play it 2 a week:)


I can see it cutting into the more casual crowd, and possibly into the WFRP market, but I can’t see it cutting into GW’s core crowd. It will probably balance out in the long run as casual WAR players move over to to real Warhammer.


well, i played wow for over 4 years. 3 of that was while I worked for Gw, and 2 of those years our gaming club had a wow guild going on…  so, it all depends on how obsessive compulsive you are about things…


It won’t kill off WFB. The two are complementary, not mutually exclusive.


Speaking as someone who works in the video game industry and at one time coming close to GW properties, this isn’t a new argument. One of the reasons why GW stayed out of videogames so long was the worry of losing players from their own games to adaptations of their tabletop games as video games. However, when GW took the plunge with the likes of Dawn of War from Relic, they began to see an increase of tabletop interest. Following this, GW began licensing 40k and WFHB more and more.

As others have pointed out, they are totally different experiences and can co-exist, each even fueling the desire to play the other.

One of the things keeping tabletop games in check is the effort required “to get into” it. To todays “instant satisfaction” market, video games are a lot more accessible for people with a mininum of effort, whereas to be truly rewarding, tabletops require patience. I think in the long run, people are more proud of their tabletop armies than their online personas in games like WoW.

One of the things you will probably not see though, is a computerized version of the tabletop games and by this, I mean a rule for rule, videogame adaptation of the tabletops. Every Warhammer licensed game is made to be as different from the tabletop game as possible - Dawn of War, for e.g, is real time, has different strategies and game mechanics, and other inconsistences, but is still based on the lore.

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

well i have a friend who started to collect warhemmer because of DoW but he’s a power gamer so i tend not to play a many games with him sigh:frowning:


Yeah, this is kind of along the lines I was thinking. That’s why I found it so odd that TTgamers were quitting in favor of the Online game.

At most I’d convert a TT character model to reflect my MMO character (assuming my race was represented :sick) but that’s about it.


While I enjoy PC games. The basic problem (to me) this at the end of playing what do you really have to show for it?


While I enjoy PC games. The basic problem (to me) this at the end of playing what do you really have to show for it?



backache from being hunched over…wait i get that with painting


An impressive collection of Mt. Dew cans! :slight_smile:


Man i miss Mt. Dew, they discontinued it in England years back