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Rather than derail HB’s thread, and as I feel this is significantly more than a snippet rumour…

Having reviewed what is suitable for me to say, based on what I was told, I have decided to post everything that I discussed at the FW open day.

There was nothing for WHFB on show, however, the guys there were much more open about projects that they are working on than I had quite anticipated�?�

Firstly, bear in mind that some of this is only us musing on things, not necessarily that it is what they will do.  I have clearly separated this, as it was only a general conversation.  Infact, take everything posted here with the required amount of salt, as it is only rumours at this stage.

Secondly, this is all information that was discussed at the FW open day, with the information coming from FW staff.  It is not me wishlisting, or cobbling together information from any other source.

Thirdly, after reading this I feel people will have a much better idea of the timescale of Chaos Dwarf releases; what they are likely to get and when.  I take no responsibility at all for the accuracy of these rumours, people have to make their own judgements about what they choose to spend money on.

Here is a summary of what we discussed:

O  The division may be called Warhammer Forge, but he wasn�?Tt entirely sure on that.  

O  He did say that there should be some WF models for sale this year (don�?Tt hold me to this guys ;))

O  He agreed the Imperial Armour style books would be appropriate for their Warhammer releases.  He also mentioned as a passing comment, specifically as part of this conversation on Warhammer IA, the �?~chaos books�?T�?�  Incase anyone missed that, it is bookS, plural, themed on �?~Chaos�?T.  Sorry if this gets someone in trouble�?�

O  They would not introduce Chaos Dwarfs initially as a full race, rather that they would be phased in.  

O  The important thing I noted was that he did mention Chaos Dwarf units being done (no units were mentioned in particular, just collectively).  Please bear in mind this may have only been him saying they could be done.

General musing:

O  We talked about the Bull centaurs and how they could be very characterful, which he agreed with

O  Masks and scale armour, and his opinion was that they were essentially part of their character, and that although there was not a lot of room for creativity in masks, there was still a lot that they could do.

O  He also agreed (as has every FW person I�?Tve talked to) that the Kollossus would be ideal for them.  He said earlier that people play fantasy, but they really want big monsters as they are an important and fun part of the game (or something like that), so it would fit into that aspect I guess.


My feeling, based on what was discussed with the FW guy is that if they are releasing multiple Imperial Armour style chaos books, they will presumably be themed ones somehow (how would people normally theme chaos things I wonder�?�?).  With the CD providing units & war machines, possibly forming a book on their own at some point when there is a large enough range to form a whole army.

Bear in mind also what AGPO posted in another thread about the races they are initially focusing on.  I think they are significant (just a gut feeling), as I�?Tm not sure FW would release any models without rules somewhere, and if they are going with the IA format it is important news I think.

Bear in mind as well that I read over in the 40k thread on warseer that there was talk of them possibly doing stand alone IA style books eventually, something that would enable them to do a stand alone Chaos Dwarfs book at some point (possibly years from now).


This seems alot more feesable than an Army being released.

Im guessing Masks means no more big hats.

Also if they do go down the route of units and war machones I see these “books” as being … Chaos of the East or Chaos of the Noth … specialised units from those regions with CD’s being a feature of one of those books.


As I said above, I think it would be safe to rule out a complete stand alone Warhammer Armour: Chaos Dwarfs book for at least a year from now.  So we know roughly what to expect now in terms of the timescale of releases (2-3 waves of small releases per year, if we’re lucky).

It may be that they phase them in over 2 years then throw all the units they’ve already made into a single book.  We just don’t know.  Unlike GW studio, FW are much more open to changing their plans I feel, so after the initial models come out we have to try and get them to eventually produce a stand alone book!

Masks I think are almost a certainty now, I’ve spoken to at least 4 FW people now about this and all of them are agreed.  However, that does not mean they couldn’t throw in something with a hat here or there, nor does it mean that you couldn’t convert them yourself.

How they would theme them is intriguing really, logically there would be a theme, they wouldn’t just have mixed ‘chaos’ split over multiple books, giving people models with not much in common other than being part of chaos.


I can at least see a Chaos of the East, for those who wanted theirs themed (roughly) around Mongolians, steppe people, or the various tribes attacking Cathay.

The advantage of a series of small releases is they can gauge popularity, and people can cross use them in various things like we have done. Either using Dwarf, WoC, of Dwarf DoW units for their Chaos Dwarfs. Eventually, once enough or nearly enough are released (as some recent books have had missing stuff, I presume possibly for Forgeworld/equivalent to work on).

It’s still getting figures out there, which would still help the cause. I’m sure some people will find them to be cool figures, buy them, paint them, and want rules for them…


The big problem we have is that this is such a massive area for them to release models in, we are only a very small group of people. I don’t mean in terms of people to sell to, but once they get going there will be hundreds/ thousands of people saying ‘give me lizardmen’ ‘give me dwarfs’ ‘give me beastmen’ etc. We could just get lost.

Hopefully FW release the potential we have.


TBQH- hats, masks or helms is comletely irrelevant at this stage. Having rules that wil end our quasi-pseduo-not legal status is.

Great work Grim.


Well, We just have to make lots of noise :wink:


Ok jumpin the gun ((blunderbuss :P)) a bit here, but i would prefer the CD’s to be more like there 90’s counterparts IE eastern set, with there look and feel as opposed to generic short Chaos warrior that the CD hellcannon crew are …

I know its asthetics at the end of the day and the CD fan base is split on the hats V mask but i would prefer something more unique looking than generic ((though im making some massive asumptions there))

I suppose all thats left is if you could have a wish list of Unit/s warmashines what would you have … ((again assuming one or two units))

Personally a unit of Bullcentures and a Unit of blunderbusses would be high on most peoples list …

Perhaps the next stage of attack is to pettition FW with a top 5 of units warmachines we would love to see ???


I know its asthetics at the end of the day and the CD fan base is split on the hats V mask ...

Nope! ;)

You forgot the helmets! :cheers



Seconded Zanko!

Nice info Grim, I like your sources :slight_smile:


I have just read thereabouts that already would start seeing something of this for next Summer or Autumn… it’s true? :o


Next, as in next year. :wink: Definitely I would say.

This summer/ autumn, I think seeing may be possible, but buying … not sure.


Found this on the Ogre Strongold. No. 6 is the real point of interest.

1) Fantasy 8th edition is out in summer.

2) The box set - The Gates of Calith - is High Elves and Skaven

3) The Elves get new spearmen and a plastic lord on Griffon

4) The Skaven get a Screaming bell ( )

5) Forge World are definetly doing a Chaos Dwarf rules set and models.

6) The Chaos Dwarfs are estimated to be out in 18 months, but the staff member suspects it might be about 3 years!

Ogre Stronghold
Link to thread on Ogre Stronghold


Hmm… 18 months would put them around games day UK 2011…  A good opportunity to show off loads of CD models.

Thanks Neil.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Pray to Hashut that it’s true!


18 months from this month? :o

Then… it’s possible that we see in October or November.

For Autumn of the year that commes the awaited miracle will happen. :smiley:


I beleive it when I see it.


BellofosSouls also way confirms that the Chaos Dwarfs in resin would go out with models and rules for date that is estimated between the next 18 months and 3 years. :o


Ishkur Cinderhat:

What’s most important is THAT they are doing it, not when. And what this means is also that we are going to get the coolest WHFB models of all armies. :cheers


BellofosSouls also way confirms that the Chaos Dwarfs in resin would go out with models and rules for date that is estimated between the next 18 months and 3 years. :o


Just a word of caution: BoLS never confirms anything, they just copypaste rumours by others, half the time without crediting the source (in this case they provide a link to the source).

BTW, I highly doubt another screaming bell in the starter, doesn't make sense.