[Archive] Found a nearby store with Chaos Dwarfs


Thought I’d share this… if I cleared them out (which is a bit beyond me right now) they’d give me a discount.

I’m already grabbing the bolt thrower and a ton of wolf riders.

They have a Lammasu (with rider of course) and 3 Astrogoths… plus some Bloodbowl stuff.

Anyone want in on this?

Base price for the Lammassu was $40.

If you’re interested (and willing to cover my shipping costs), let me know and I’ll see if we can get a discount too.

Pyro Stick:

Is that all they have? No warriors of any kind or any hobgoblins apart from the bolt thrower and wolf riders?


Sadly, no.

Still, I thought it’d be worth mentioning in case someone wanted some stuff.

Ghrask Dragh:

Nice job posting it here, thnkas!

Have you bought all of the wolf riders or is there some left?


I’m debating between buying 2 and finishing my one unit as pure Hobgob riders, or buying 12 and having a back up unit…

sadly the later would be a major strain on my wallet.

They’re holding the bolt thrower for me though does a Jig


if can get me a list of what they have i will probably be interested

at the moment all i have are 10 plastic warriors and astrogoth

i am very interested in the hobgoblin riders and the lamasu

please send me a pm with the list