[Archive] Found in a charity shop


I found this in the local charity shop and bought it for 50p (UK)

Now I’m not sure what to do with it other than turn it into some scenery.

Any ideas folks?




It makes me think of Orc or pirate treasure cave and would look great on a Dark Lands-themed table.

For something themed after Chaos Dwarfs I suggest some simple conversions to turn it into a tribute drop-off for Dark Lands Greenskins. Some CD symbols and perhaps a hanged Orc or two could give the piece a brutal story, namely one of a Greenskin “sacred” effigy which was turned into a local hub for Chaos Dwarf-Greenskin relations (in effect tribute and slavery) after some cruel Dawi Zharr show of force and crackdown in the area. Some warning signs of Hashut to defile Gork or Mork and a set example in the shape of a dead Greenskin would be sufficient for that.


Yep. turn it into scenery is about all I can think of. Guessing by whats behind it, it looks to be 6 or more inches High is it? Then maybe an Orc Fulcrum for Storm of Magic.


Thanks guys, both are great ideas. I do like the desecrated Orc idol idea and I think I might go with that when I get round to it.

Abecedar, it’s about 8" in height.




Sand it, cover it in gravel (of different size), put rocks around its base. Sculpt moustache and tusks and add meat skewers around it (to be painted as iron support bars). The skewers can also be sharpened and glued n place as spikes. Add a couple of chains and lava oozing out of its eyes and mouth. Voila!!!

…If you really wanna go to town with details well, just cover it in CD runes :).