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Traitor King:

So. with today being my birthday, i have managed to aquire some foundation paints. Im looking foward to using these to paint up my chaos dwarfs. Was just wondering… has anybody else used these? are they any good? and Do they realy speed up painting.

Im also stuck with how im going to base my CDs when i do paint them… Ive got colour sceme pretty much sussed but i cant think of a nice basing idea. at the moment im going with black and lava. anybody got any better ideas?

Hashut’s Blessing:

Well, happy birthday for starters. Secondly, from what I’ve seen on other forums, they DO work well, but may need a little watering down and aren’t to be used to paint entire models. Lastly, I’m thinking you should try ash-plains with the odd trickle of lava running trhough bases (joining up as though it’s actually the floor). Just a lot of people seem to use one or t’other, so try both! :smiley: Let me know about the paints…


GRatulation! About the paints I say that they are good. I use them and the cover up real nice. Of course only the base colours can be used and then you apply other better colour to finsh of the models but I have found they speed the painting up.


Foundation paints are useful if you are painting colours which don’t apply well over black, such as yellow or bone. Aside from that I wouldn’t bother


Foundation paints confuse me, I’m not going to think about it too much or my brain might explode. (yet again. . .sigh) I wouldn’t want my brain to explode without HB close by to throw a rubbish basket at me.

Traitor King:

Well, i was only going to use for basecoats. One basecoat sounds easier that many at least!

HB: do you mean that i should have the lava running from one model to another and actulyl linking up?

Ill post up some pictures of the modesl when painted (and maybe some PIP with just the foundation paints. Ill try and do this at the weekend!

Ishkur Cinderhat:

The lava linking up to small streams will certainly help the impression, I don’t think it’s a necessity though.

I only dot my bases with small puddles of lava on every third or fourth model. It’s not quite a realistic take on lava, but I kinda like it and also it doesn’t pull too much attention away from the dwarfs. ^^

Hashut’s Blessing:

Yes, TK, that’s exactly what I meant! And Kb, I’m reeady! aims bin


I have used Foundation paints for quite a while now, and even use them to paint whole models. You do need to thin them more than usual, but they can be used to wet blend, highlight, etc.

They are an integral part of my paint collection.


These new paints really appeal to me, as I am a big fan of dipping and batch painting (comes from playin’ O&G). I just need my LGS to stock them.


Okay, I’ve just been using some foundation paints on a unit of 20 goblin archers. I was using the old hobbo scheme (bone robes and red hoods) and used dnheb stone for the robes, orkhide shade for the skin and dark flesh (not a foundation paint) as a base for the red. I got the basic colours on in no time at all, as all these need only one coat over black.

To finish, I used scorched brown with a brown inkwash on the bow/quiver/shoes etc and snakebite over the bow’s grip. I highlighted the hood with terracota, the robes were given a wash of graveyard earth and highlighted with bleached bone, and painted the skin in the normal way for my greenskins. The orkhide shade gives a really good base for green, no matter how light you go with your highlights, and really sped this bit up. The dark flesh/terracota method worked nicely too (better than mechanrite red for anything other than blood red I reckon) and the robes were lightning fast. Comparing this to the bone colour scheme on my slaaneshii warriors, I couldn’t believe it. Simply polish of the details like arrow fletches and the moon on the belt as you like. I would really recomend this method. I always wanted to use this colour scheme, but for goblins it was simply too long winded before

Ishkur Cinderhat:

AGPO, go and make pictures! :slight_smile:


I agree! Pictures would be excellent!

Does anyone know if the foundation paints are the same formula as the ones in the BFSP goblin paint set released a while back? I tried those in a speed-painting contest at my local GW and I really didn’t like them - so I’m hesitant about trying foundation paints…


I’ve found that so many of the current GW paints go on plastic so well even without an undercoat that I will only be getting a couple of the foundation ones (or finding another supplier). Halves the time needed on painting wolves and boars. Yellow and red are the worst and are poor even on a good white undercoat so I’m only after those at the moment.


AGPO, go and make pictures! :)

Ishkur Cinderhat
Afraid my camera is still causing trouble but worry not! A new camera wings it's way to me for my birthday in July, shortly followed by not only a few pictures but an Army Blog!


I agree!��Pictures would be excellent!

Does anyone know if the foundation paints are the same formula as the ones in the BFSP goblin paint set released a while back?��I tried those in a speed-painting contest at my local GW and I really didn't like them - so I'm hesitant about trying foundation paints....

They are the same formula.

I use a full set of them, and love them. They integrate very nicely with the existing GW colours.


I havent bought any yet, but was given a firsthand demonstration of the ?? yellow and mechrite red going straight onto a black undercoat in one layer.

I did a whole 3000-4000 points of blood angels and all the red needed three or four layers for good coverage, so if that had been invented 2 years ago painted those blood angels would be a lot quicker.

For stronger colours i cant see the point though, blues and greens go on black fairly well as it is, and i always put a brown under bleached bone for layering anyway.

Also the examples of models in white dwarf which have been painted with mainly foundation paints look awful, obviously trying to sell them but not using them for what they were intented. i.e. the foundation to build on top of.


Don’t forget that foundation paints are aimed at begineers mostly, as experienced painters can get good results with the old paints with aplication, and simply use them to speed up basecoating. Only beginers would actually paint an entire model with foundation paints. m only worry is that they will discourage people from working on their painting skills.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

I agree however that the latest pictured units in White Dwarf looked terrible.

Sometimes it seems to me that GW is moving away from the phantastic 'Eavy Metal standard towards a more beginner-friendly “look, we painted this miniature with one colour in five minutes!” attitude. Which I definitely dislike. The recent red armoured black orcs were so horrible actually, I was afraid to contract violent eye cancer! :frowning:


I know what you mean, 'Eavy Metal and the quality of the staffer’s minis always gave me something to aspire to when I was taking my first fretful WFB steps, now it seems like crappy painting is becoming more and more the acceptable norm. I don’t mind if people have tried and just aren’t that great yet, as they have to learn somehow, but some just don’t seem to bother. its frustrating when you’ve spent ages carefully painting your balanced and themed army, then some little s*** turns up with their hugely beardy army which looks as though they’ve lined them up, thrown paint over the table and seen what will happen, with no reference to the fluff in army selection whatsoever.