[Archive] Free army building application


Since I haven’t touched a brush for months I thought I’d show what else I’ve been doing.

No, I have not programmed an army building application. But I am in contact with a guy who does just that. Free, open-sourced, multi-platform etc etc + the kitchen sink. Obviously it is nowhere near completion, yet.
But it IS fairly stable. Stable enough it might even do some good.

Which brings us to me yapping here. I created a datafile for the “Indy GT armybook”. Which I have attached in this thread. EDIT: apparently I do not. It refuses to upload, I have to look into that…

The application: http://warfoundry.co.uk/

I also made a yahoo mailing-list for distributing datafiles here (so GW can’t shut the poor program down): Yahoo | Mail, Weather, Search, News, Finance, Sports, Shopping, Entertainment, Video

What I’m really am after is some feedback. I’ve used Armybuilder 2.x for ages but their new license policy just didn’t fly with me so I’m obviously influenced a lot by those datafiles. But what and how would users like it to be? Obviously we are somewhat limited as of yet (0.1Beta5 release) but it should be possible to get an army correctly pointed up, although you have to validate it yourself. Its a tool, not a armybook replacer…

E.g. I’m thinking about how to handle mounts, magic items and some other open questions.


I joined the forum a few weeks ago, and as is typical, as soon as I committed I suddenly had no time to do it! I’m sure I’ll get some time over xmas, so I’ll participate again.


Regarding magic armour… would people say a High priest would be allowed to wear it?

Usually they need an option to buy armour, but its not clear if already having armour allows purchasing magic equivalent.


For those using the program, I have created a file for the Chaos Dwarfs Ravening Hordes list. I can’t claim it is exactly correct, I haven’t done much checking of it yet, but it’s there if anyone wants to use it for themselves or to help debug the program itself. I made it because I know I will find it much easier to debug if I am familiar with the army list, otherwise I’d be almost poking around randomly.