[Archive] friendly battle 2500 RH list


I´ve build a 2500 point army for a friendly battle I´ll have next sunday, now I´m wondering if the list looks good enough. Not sure what my opponent will play, he has alot of options. Here´s the list:


Sorcerer lord (death) - level 4, book of ashur and talisman of endurance
CD lord (general) - armour of gazrakh, ogre blade and dawn stone


Sorcerer  (death) - level 2 and dispel scroll
cd hero - BSB, talisman of preservation, heavy armour and enchanted shield
Sorcerer (shadow) - level 2 and the terrifying mask of EEE! (<-- just to test it)
cd hero - black hammer of hashut, heavy armour and shield

30 X cd warriors (6 X 5, general goes here) - great axe, full command and razor standard
30 X cd warriors (6 X 5, BSB and other hero goes here) - great axe, full command and banner of eternal flame
19 X hobgoblins (5 X 4, sorcerer lord goes here) - bow and champion
19 X hobgoblins (5 X 4, sorcerers go here) - bow and champion

edit forgot the special and rare choise
bolt thrower
bolt thrower
bolt thrower
death rocket
20 sneaky gits - full command


any tips and advice are welcome.

Rock Bottum:

to many characters i think

and where are the warmachines?

Border Reiver:

Well, I wouldn’t give a character with the Armour of Gazrahk an Ogre Blade - I can achieve the same effect with a great weapon for a lot less points, or alternately for 5 more points you could take the Black Hammer of Hashut with all that entails.

Second, I really don’t like hobgoblins for bodyguard units - too vulnerable to damage, and their ranged attacks won’t deter many foes - I prefer Blunderbuss units as they have a better ranged attack and are much better and more resiliant combatants than hobbos.

Third - your BSB cannot have the Enchanted Shield - he cannot carry a shield if he has the BSB - the rule states that he cannot carry any additional equipment other than heavy armour or his 50 pts of magic items.

Fourth you need a third unit - the rules for hobgoblins state that they do not count towards our core units, nor do they count towards the minimum three.

I also think you need a few more units - right now you have two combat units and two ranged units - I think that you are likely to be enveloped and destroyed - I would attack your hobgoblin units from the front and flank likely destroying them and the sorcerers in them (terror doesn’t scare most of my armies, and the sorcerers won’t contribute a lot to CR. Once they’re gone, then your warrior units will find themselves encircled and wiped out.

Alternately, I would sit back beyond 24" and shoot with warmachines, longbows or crossbows - and you have no means to retaliate.

What other CD units do you have? Knowing that will allow us to better advise you what could improve your army


Seeing the first reaction I noticed that I forgot the 3 boltthrower, the death rocket and the eartshaker. As for the number of units, the army building rules has been changed, now you need to have 25% of the points spend on core. As fot what I’ve got left, is the following:
- 36 blunderbusses
- sorcerer lord on lammasu
- hobgoblin hero on wolf
- 2 hobgoblin

Thanks for the feedback so far, I will see if I can swap my hobgoblins for some BB’s and maby drop a character somewhere.
edit the first post, so the missing stuff is in there