[Archive] FS: Chaos Dwarf lot - Warriors, Bull Centaurs, etc


Hello all,

As an unemployed graduate (great year to leave uni :rolleyes: ), I’m being merciless towards my models and selling any that aren’t vital to my well-being and sanity. So, I’m selling off my Chaos Dwarf models, namely, the following:

  • 9 plastic Chaos Dwarf warriors

  • Metal command group (champion, musician, standard)

  • 1 Hobgoblin wolf rider

Most of the models have shields attached; 2 bull centaurs don’t have them glued on, as does the Warrior champion, but all 3 shields are supplied. A movement tray, flocked to match the model’s bases, is included with the warriors. All of the models are painted to a decent standard, and fully based. A few touch-ups are needed, but nothing major.


The warriors/wolf rider

Bull Centaurs

Close-up of the wolf rider

Close-up of a warrior

Close-up of the command

Close-up of the Centaur champion

Close-up of the Centaur standard


If you require any more pictures, please feel free to ask :happy I’m afraid I won’t break up the lot, just selling them all in one go. Reasonable offers will be considered.

Oh, on the off-chance anyone is interested, I have a bundle of Heroclix: Arkham Asylum models hanging around. I can check through for any specifics if you want.

Paypal is preferred. Sorry, but I’m not really prepared to trade - more in need of cash than models!:shy:

Thanks for looking,



glad to see you found your way here (I’m Sleazy from Warseer).

Hey guys this guy may be new here but is a longbeard from Warseer I directed here.