[Archive] FS: In Progress Chaos Dwarf Army (picture heavy)


EDIT: It’s all up on E-bay now.  Rather than spam you all with links, if you’re interested see here : http://tiny.cc/yHsIz and see my other auctions

Due to a slew of other projects and a waning interest in all things bearded and evil, I�?Tve decided to abandon my in progress Chaos Dwarf army.  As such, I have a slew of stuff to put up for sale.  For the sake of loading time, I haven�?Tt posted every photo, but links are included where there is no included image.  



10 partially completed wolf Gobbo riders, with the bits to finish them

10 Gobbo Wolf Riders, new in box


34 partially painted Night Gobbos with hand weapon and plain shields (with no bad moon icon).  I ran these as Hobgoblin slaves.

18 Night Goblins with HW/Shield �?" �?oplain shields�?� with the Bad Moon icon covered up

20+ BfSP Night Goblins


20-odd BfSP cannon crew and misc.

15 Dwarf thunderers/crossbows, on the sprue

4 BfSP dwarf warriors

13 BfSP thunderers


5 Bull Centaurs, with standard and shields �?" I ran them as having shields + Great Weapons.  


1 converted Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer

7 Chaos Dwarf Blunderbusses, converted from BfSP minis.

6 converted Chaos Dwarf Warriors (Picture of Back)

10 In progress converted Chaos Dwarf Warriors (as shown)

back of 1st group

back of second group

An Earthshaker Cannon conversion by Xander, with part of what�?Ts needed to build an additional earthshaker.  extra photo

A converted death rocket, 2 converted bolt throwers, and an extra cannon + missle for another of either one.


Sad to see you leave! You should have been posting pictures of your progress for encouragement!

That earthshaker is a beaut! :smiley: It’s a shame to see this all up for sale!


That earthshaker is a beaut! :D  It's a shame to see this all up for sale!

Glad you like the Earthshaker - I'll teach you how to make one if you'd like! ;)

Unfortunately, one of my projects had to go, and the Evil Stunties drew the short straw. I blame GW - I had just begun a squat army when 3rd edition came out :o Now that I'm getting out of them, Chaos Dwarfs will no doubt be safe from the same fate!



Bump + Endorsement

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Some good deals to be had here, guys!


Thanks for the plug, Xander :wink:

Only about 11 hours left - it looks like some of these are going to be a steal - 5 Bull Centaurs for under $30? A gobbo horde for $10?Get them now while you can!



Those Bull Centaurs are tempting! O_O