[Archive] [FS] Old School Chaos Fleshounds


I’m looking at divesting some of my old school models and this is teh start a unit of 7 old school (3rd edition days) Fleshounds of Khorne. Anyone interested make and offer.

Sorry about the pic quality I had to make it quick. I’ll see about better pictures later.

These were painted probably some 15 years ago. They could be stripped of paint quite easily I imagine.

I’m willing to trade… but at this stage there are very few things I need to for my Chaos Dwarf Army, unless its bits bags with lots of goblin wolf riders feet in them…

Offers for 3rd edition elven attack chariots with a full crew will always draw a consideration as well as juggernauts of the Chaos Dwarf variety. :wink:

If there are no offers they will most likely go to eBay.