[Archive] Fun youtube batrep of Chaos Dwarfs

Grimbold Blackhammer:

394 Bretonnia vs Dark Elves GQ game 2 warhammer fantasy battle report - YouTube

I’m a fan of OnceBitten360’s battle reports and he fought someone with an odd-looking CD army with excellent bases. And this is the first battle where someone brought a decent list.


Link just sends me to a playlist.


Its video number one in the list.

Really enjoyed the battlerep, bretonnia is a hard match-up (Hardest I’ve ever fought yet in 8th), I think the CD player played a bit to aggressively as with Bretonnians he’d have been better off working around their front arcs etc. with some positioning the Destroyer and Bale could have hit in flank or rear where they need to be really.

I liked the dual Iron Daemons but imho they should have shot more, even such an aggressive combatlist needs to play defence against brets.

Real fun report!


Nice bat rep… Brets is a hard match for us, or at least me. Only played them twice, lost both with a good margin…