[Archive] Funny Find. Hobgoblin Camel Rider

Pyro Stick:

Check out this auction. Its a hobgoblin camel rider. Its just one of the wolf riders riding a toy camel lol. First Bull centuar torsos on spiders and now hobgoblins on camels…


If anyone has any of the chaos shields that are in this auction then i would be willing to buy them.

Kera foehunter:

great idea hobo camel rider

Thane Godri GoblinSlayer:

Lol, this would fit with Al Hashut’s theme.


Anyone how knows where the Camel is from? Foundry?


Not sure but my search results turned that up the other say and I was like WT is this?


Ha, I saw that too, it made me laugh


Maybe I will bid. Too funny. Don’t let the chance slip!

>Anyone how knows where the Camel is from? Foundry?

Think so.


Sure is a wierd looking camel though, body’s fine but the head looks a bit large and morphed. May end up doing a similar model though, maybe a unit if i can’t do scalemail barding over my hobbo’s wolves.


Perhaps he wandered to close to the northern chaos wastes…