[Archive] Furious Orcgirlz released by Russian Alternative


The title says it. These miniatures might be used as Orc mutants from some shady (and no doubt failed) CD experiment to alter the Greenskins’ biology in order to make them easier to control as slaves. We already have the Black Orc experiments, so it’s easy to imagine several further attempts to modify the Greenskins. Some might involve tentacles, others increased stupidity or decreased aggression, still others might involve forcing the spore creatures to line up with the mammal slaves. It might be problematic when Greenskin spores drift down into abandoned mine shafts, where they can develop into a threat. Who knows?

Or you can use them as Blood Bowl cheerleaders.

Blue in VT:

Or they could be female orcs…instead of this lame spot idea GW came up with…there used to be lady orcs back in the day…

I kinda like the sculpts…