[Archive] Furnace Golem miniature by Center Stage Miniatures


There’s this project on Kickstarter that I’m backing and they recently added a new stretch goal.  I suppose there’s not too much point in bringing it up since there are only 13 days left and they aren’t even half-way to that goal, but they might make this mini separately at some point.  In any even, I saw the artwork for the creature and thought that it looked somewhat like something the chaos dwarves might construct.

For anyone interested in the project, here is the link:

Tome of Horrors

Kera foehunter:

I love the furnace golem I hope he meet his goal so that we can get them

Thanks for the link Taurian


Both are looking nice. Wonder how tall they will be.

Thanks for the link. A very nice KS i think :slight_smile:


Not that it matters since it still appears outside of the range of funding with the time left, but they just added another pset of stretch goal rewards.  The shedu isn’t something that would work in a CD army ‘as is’, but it might fit in with minimal conversion.