[Archive] FW CD warriors and Hobgoblins. Would you have bought some?


Seeing as they denied us the option and I haven’t seen a direct discussion yet.

Would you have bought a few units of each and what would you have expected to pay for them?

If they came out like the more heavily armoured warmachine crew, with decent looking shields and weapons (and crucially in a variety of poses), I would have bought at least one unit of 40 warriors and perhaps 40 hobgoblins.

At what cost…? Perhaps no more than £2.50 per CD and £2 per hobgoblin. It would have been expensive, sure, but I’d be prepared to save up. I’ve waited about 6 years, I could wait a bit more.

As it is, that’s hundreds of pounds that WF have lost from me alone.

I’m not disputing the fact that there are decent and significantly cheaper alternatives out there, but more bemoaning the fact that I have lost the chance to build an army with zero effort I knew for a fact would match everything in their range.

Pyro Stick:

I would definately have bought some standard CD warriors. I would have to see the hobgoblins first to decide but i would probably have bought some of them as well since they are pretty expensive to get off of ebay. Im still hoping they will come out with them eventually because i would have preferred them over the infernal guard. TBH im not going to feel like CD’s are properly back until they have standard warriors. Its like Tomb Kings without skeleton warriors.


i would definitely buy them if WF brought them out, at least one unit/pack each even though i have enough models for every unit i want… still… as i said in another thread, i will buy one set of each cd release, to support the cd cause for rules and models and for my cd-hoarding disorder :slight_smile:

btw. ghost21 on warseer mentioned in the ‘contingents’ thread (page 10 i think) something about wf now having green light for expanding the cd line… take with salt, as usual.


I would have snatched up the new CD’s in a minute if like you said they were more like the vehicle crews and or hellcannon crews. For most here, the character of the miniatures are of a bigger concenr than the cost. When I saw the new ones, I decided to order a unit of Titan Wargames and a unit of the ones you’re doing for Troll Forge. It was less a matter of cost and more just because they lacked a certain something. I’ll probably buy a squad of Fireglaives but only because the weapons are relatively unique and I plan on switching out their heads. I keep hoping some company will produce some compatible bighats or better mask heads to go with the IG bodies.

The hobgoblins as WF accessed would be too pricey for most people especially given their relatively low unit cost. I was hoping they’d think a bit outside the box to bring the price down and make them viable. Like producing lines of hobgoblins… similiar to these: http://www.forgeworld.co.uk/Warhammer-40000/DEATH-KORPS-OF-KRIEG-INFANTRY-SQUADS-FOR-GORGON.html

in that way you’re buying your ranks as a single piece. £52 for “50” guys lined up… those are viable economics… reasonably their are issues with those and we’d want to see a little more going on and would need more in the way of a command and an ability to have one line of indivdual models and one line of the command rank… and the DKoK also don’t have much on their backsides… but even after the necessary changes to produce a “30” hobgoblin unit for £52 seems viable.

I will be buying from WF just not as much as I had hoped.


Yea I’d have definitely bought some because I’m a collector and I have to have at least one of everything, irrespective of whether I actually ever use it.

I also don�?Tt have any hobgoblins so would have bought some big units. I�?Tve got plenty of warriors so probably wouldn’t have bought as many of them.


For sure… so it’s too bad they weren’t able to have gone down that road, although I’m guessing they had their hands full trying to create everything else. Still and all, I’d likely have bought at least 40 warriors and 40 hobgoblins… maybe 60 and 60, plus one or two sets of command models for each… and would have been fine with ~$4 (£2.50) per CD and ~$3.50 (~£2) per hobgoblin.

They aren’t hurting for revenue, but I guess we just have to be satisfied with their IG models for now…


I’d probably have bought neither Warriors or Hobgoblins, at least not in four years time. FW Warmachines have higher priority, and then elite units like Infernal Guard and Bull Centaurs. I can convert Warriors and Hobgobbos myself, and buy Warriors from Baggronor and Grim when finances allow. Eventually I’d probably have saved up to include some FW CD Warriors and Hobgoblins on foot because I’d have liked to have them in my collection, too.

Time of Madness:

Interesting topic.

I would have ended up buying at least 60 basic dwarf warriors with great weapons. However once I found out they were not including basic dwarf warriors, I ended up buying 60 infernal guard (hand weapon/shield) and 2 commands. So they ended up making the money off me anyways.

As far as hobgoblins go it would have been difficult for me to justify picking them up at current Forge World prices. Not only would you have to decided between the 3 different weapon options, you would need a massive amount of them to make units. With the amount I’ve spent on the book, infernal guard, war machines and the hellsmith I wouldn’t have had much left for the hobgoblins.

On a side note I’m still waiting for the characters to be released and I may end up getting the taurus as well.

Time of Madnes


I’m not the best person to ask for obvious reasons, but even I intend to pick up the Sorcerer Prophet and Bale Taurus.

Warriors, I would have bought if they were good. Hobgoblins, less sure, simply due to the unit sizes required.

I’ll probably get around to buying some IG too.


Probably neither…

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Well I am not going to buy Infernal Guard because I love big hat style. I have mine and I do prefer them to the infernals.

Said this I think the Infernals are great miniatures, so I do not understand why people do not just pick them up as simple and plain…“chaos dwarfs”! :o

About hobgoblins… yes it’s a missed opportunity by FW. But actually I understand that at 30-50 hobgoblins per unit with FW prices… Ouch! Even thinking hurts x.x

So let’s go with Skaven plus goblin bits… :wink:

If I was Baggronor or Grimstonefire I would be sculpting good and cheap human sized- a-little-bit hunchback-with beer belly-greenskins :wink:

5-10 with hand weapons and/or spears

5-10 with bows

Thommy H:

I think the Infernals are great miniatures, so I do not understand why people do not just pick them up as simple and plain....."chaos dwarfs"!
Yeah, I'm a bit confused about this as well. I mean, in principle, a choice of two units is better than no choice at all, but surely Infernal Guard can serve as Warriors anyway? When myself and others have said "Infernal Guard are Warriors", that isn't just rules we're talking about: in a very fundamental sense, I think it was always the intention for these guys to be the basic troops of the army, the equivalent of Chaos Dwarf Warriors, rather than elites.


I actually like the IG sculpts, I like the heavy armour look including the plate helms. So I don’t think i’d be as likely to get warriors as well.

I would however be tempted by hobgoblins, but I can understand the problem. Pricing them at the same level as DKoK infantry (£36 per 10), Elysian (£37 per 10) or Chaos Dwarfs (£36 per 10), would be too expensive for even a single large unit.

I guess they must have looked at units they could have done a conversion pack for that would have brought the cost down, but GW don’t really produce anything suitable.

I wouldn’t be surprised if hobgoblins don’t eventually appear from either WF or GW (the rumoured Fantasy Contingents Supplement could be the opportunity for this)


I think the only viable “official” hobgoblin kit would be from GW, not FW. As a classic plastic multipart kit like goblins… this means we won’t see them for long. I do not think Gw willl produce miniature for a FW army… but still thinking it’s a missed opportunity :frowning:

P.S. my night goblins prayed Gork (or Mork) to see an hobgoblin kit… now they tremble when they see my cutter approaching for the conversion surgery treatment :smiley:

Ugly Green Trog:

I would have certainly bought CD regular infantry as long as it was no more expensive than the IG, I also would have bought a hobgoblin conversion kit (perhaps with alternate heads, hand weapons and longer lankier legs) for the plastic goblin regiment sprue. One thing I am hopeful for is that if rumours prove true and dwarves do get re done next year there may be a more suitable kit to develop a CD warrior conversion kit for.


I would have bought at least one pack of whatever they released for CD Warriors and Hobgoblins regardless of cost.

I almost certainly would have bought more if the cost was reasonable (no more than £3 for a hobgoblin and no more than £4 for a CD).


I probably would buy neither, simply because they don’t fit in with my army.

If on the other hand, I could easily make them look 3rd ed-ish (say just a beard or a beard+head swap) I’d probably buy a regiment of around 30CD.

Hobgoblins, naaaaahhh


probably would have bought everything they could throw at me (treasury willing) as I’m becoming more of a collector compared to how many games I get to actually play. I’ve even decided to collect all the big-hats, they must be a disease and infectious or something.

Steve D:

I would have bought both, probably lots of them over a protracted period of time…


I haven’t bought a single forge world model yet. Because I haven’t seen the book and decided if I want to splurge for the models’ abilities or not.

My CDs are converted GW dwarfs, and I’ll soon be getting mantic dwarfs converted into CDs using green stuffed beards and some warriors of chaos heads.

My hobgoblins are gnoblar miniatures with grey skin and red noses. They are useful in my chaos dwarf army, my ogre army and as counts-as goblins in my O&G army. I can also lend them to my friend’s skaven if he needs slaves. I would never pay 4$ for an infantry model that I will need more than 10 of (as is the case with hobgoblins).