[Archive] FW Release: Warp Fire Dragon



Not seen the newsletter yet, but looks to be this weeks fantasy release.

Can’t really comment on the rules, but I do like the sculpt, especially the head.

The Odor:

Looks awesome.
I probably wont get it though since I dont want to postphone my remaining CDs even more.

Time of Madness:

I really like it! Seems like FW was true to their word. They are putting out monsters very quickly.

Time of Madness


I’ve now received the Newsletter and got a little bit excited when I saw this:

There will also be two fantastic participation games for you to take part in at the event, should you feel the need to flex your dice-throwing muscles. The first is a Warhammer game, setting the armoured malice of the Chaos Dwarfs against the faith and steel of the Empire. You�?Tll also be able to step into the grim and anarchic battlefields of our new Warhammer 40,000 Zone Mortalis expansion in our second game, using the rules that we released a few weeks ago.
As I’m going along, the thought that they will have a fully painted chaos dwarf force is quite exciting!


FORTY QUID!?!?!?!??!

Sign me up!

Singleton Mosby:

Could be a nice model for the detroyer.


A quick scan of the rules looks like it’s good against skaven (ward save against warpstone powered attacks) and would compliment dark elves quite well (using dark magic)

just don’t let it stay too near your own troops :slight_smile:

It also looks like a great alternate mount for a Dark Elf noble (which is my other army) [edit] in fact the area just in front of the wings looks like it’s designed to seat a rider


In fact it seems a shame that it can use dark magic, rather than one out of the BRB; not everybody has the DE army book. Still, they’re only experimental rules.

Soon all forgeworld models will be cheaper than GWs…


I only just noticed that it’s a resin and plastic kit so it’s using the black dragon as a base and adding a new head, tail and legs. That’s one way to make sure it stays more expensive than GW :wink:




cant say i like it. for some reason it does not feel like a dragon to me.


I really don’t like that Dragon!

The Carmine Dragon is awesome but not this strange looking thing with a silly posture! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thommy H:

Hm. Seems okay.

Here’s a thing though: if they’re willing to use the plastic kits as a base like this, then it’s very possible they’ll use the Fenrisian Wolves to make Hobgoblin Wolf Raiders. Just a thought.


I hope so!

Oh and the dragon’s not too bad!