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Hello All

I want to share some of my painted miniatures with the CDO community. So I have created this little thread where I will post my non Chaos Dwarf minis here. I mainly (always) paint 25-28mm minis, but I do have an eclectic mix of minis. Some of the themes/Genres which I collect belong to:






*WW1 and WWW1

*WW2 and WWW2


*WHFB - off course

I have posted some pictures of my painted minis from the last 12-18 months. These have been shown on another forum which I frequent (an Australian based wargame fourm). So a couple of you may have seen these before, but the majority of you “non-Australians” would not have seen these before, and I am feeling like sharing my work.


Date: Saturday 19 February 2011

Models:  Plastic Ork

I really wanted to show you guys, my ork. I really hate BRIGHT green skin, and so I have come up with this greeny-brown skin combination

Here are the photos.

Ork - Front

Ork - Back

Ork - Side


I really like the ‘dirty’ white shirt effect. I think I am going to use a similar technique on my Empire soldiers. I am growing to like the orange trousers. They look like part of a boiler-suit. The metal shoulder pad has some battle damage, but it is painted differently to the ‘standard’ chipped paint style that I have seen online.


I need to finish this guy and, then paint up some more, so I can practice on the skin colour. I also have to remove some of the shine from the boots.


Date: Saturday 21 March 2011

Models: Flintloque Bog Orc ?

I have just finished this little guy. I am happy with tthe way the red coat turned out. I think I have finally worked out a formula for creating a wash/shade mix which isn’t too harsh.




I want to paint another one, to see If I can replicate the same technique. I had better write all the steps down, before I forget them. The skin colour is actually an old Tamiya colour (Flat Sea Grey- I think), which was in my collection since the late 80s. I thinned it down a bit and used it for ork skin. I think it needed some more thinning down.


I like how the base turned out. This little guy was purchased with a UK coin glued onto his base, so I left it attached and flocked the bad basing, which it had originally.


Here are some older minis, I have painted.

Just wanting to share:


Here are some banners I worked on. These are WIPs. Actually more correctly a ‘banner making’ venture, which I have temporarily have shelved.

Again I am just wanting to share:


Ahahahaha, the banners are ACE. I want the Mao banner lol :smiley: The cat’s one is perfect for hobgoblins.

Said this, great painting. The ork is awesome… even tough I like green skin :wink:

The troll is uber cool.

Blue in VT:

:cheers Yeah…great thread G2…lots of really cool stuff in here…I’m partial to your old Empire figures…great sculpts (an addiction that I share) and I love the skin tone on your orc…very “realistic” looking.

I look forward to seeing more.

:hat off



Thanks guys. I had a pile on unpainted lead, and I remember being to scared to paint any of it, as I knew that i would not do the minis any justice. I held off from painting any minis for about 18 months (since getting back into the hobby). I would just buy minis, usually on eBay, and I wouldn’t paint them. FINALLY, I decided to “just do it”. So I purchased some paints, which were a set of 2nd hand Derivan mini paints, this is an Aussie brand, and they were fairly good a beginner. The Troll was painted purely with the derivan paints. They have a very flat finish, which I like. Anyway, I decided to keep a painting diary of my progress, and the photos shown above are some of the progress shots (not in any order). I do want to share my first attempt at painting (after my return to the hobby).

These were painted on 12 January 2010. i looked at them when they were finished, and I was ready to give up on painting. I was so disappointed, they didn’t look like anything I had seen in White Dwarf or online.  I spent ages reading about painting minis, and brushes and paints and thinning paints and all the other tips that I could absorb. I am still learning, but I am certainly happier with my efforts. You can probably tell from the above range of minis, I have tried several “styles”, but my favourite style is the the “black sotty” style of the empre knight on his horse.

I hope you guys enjoy.

Here are some more pics of the Troll


Here are some more photos (some have not been seen before) of my modern Soviets, they are accompanied by an AT-43 Colossus.

Blue in VT:

:hat off Cool stuff…I love the soviets…and the mechs!

I also love the Marauder MM10 dwarf that you are using as your “signature” in the picture corner.




You are a man of many talents G.2. Really like you style of painting and it’s nice to see whats going one on you painting desk - even if ain’t CDs :slight_smile:

How do you find the Flintloque/Slaughterloo miniatures? Heard quite a lot speaking negative off them - but how do you find them?


...I love the soviets...and the mechs!

Blue in VT
Thanks Blue. I think I may repaint them, to get the shading a little more subtle. The "mech" was really fun to paint. Now I need to base them.
I also love the Marauder MM10 dwarf that you are using as your "signature" in the picture corner.

Blue in VT
Thanks. He is now going to be part of my 'water mark/Sig'. He was created from a photo of a real metal mini, which was not painted, and I added the colours on photoshop, I deliberately made it bright.
You are a man of many talents G.2. Really like you style of painting and it's nice to see whats going one on you painting desk - even if ain't CDs :)

Thank you Clam. Coming from you, that is a real compliment. Just for the record there are some Chaos Dwarfs on my painting table, but I am saving them for another thread.
How do you find the Flintloque/Slaughterloo miniatures? Heard quite a lot speaking negative off them - but how do you find them?

I personally like them, but they are not the best cast minis on the market. I regularly find double mould lines, and the metal is soft, and this becomes a problem for the thinner models like the Elves and the rats. Also some of these Elves seem to be more 2 dimensional than 3 dimensional, as they are flatter when viewed side on, but not the orcs, ogres, dwarfs or other figures. Having said that, they are joy to paint (once you clean up all the mould lines), as they are so full of character and charm. They are also very cheap on the 2nd hand market. I personally wouldn't buy them at RRP. They are also leaning more towards the 40mm-45mm end of the scale spectrum, and are a lot bigger than your standard GW stuff. I still buy these figures when I finf them, but I don't go looking for them. I usually buy them in bulk lots, ie 25+, 50+, or 100+.


Here are some more photos from the archives. Again there are some here which have not been shown before.

I will endevour to leave a brief comment about each one.

This was the first attempt at the Ork Skin colour I wanted to try out. Basically green without it being TOO green.

Part of my photo setup. This is sitting on top of a 4 drawer filing cabinet in my home office. As this was the only space for photographing minis. The stand which the mini is on, was purchased at an opp-shop/fea market for about AUD$2. I think it is a candle holder.

A close up of the mini above. This guy was painted entirely with Derivan paints. I don’t use this range of paints much any more. I am now a Vallejo and GW fanboy.

I really enjoy paiting these empire figs. Now as long as I can pick ONE colour scheme, then I can paint my army…

An early attempt at dry-blending (see helmet). I haven’t decided whether I like the colour scheme or not. I certainly hate the weapon colour. I am not painting white on any more blunderbusses.

One of my early Chaos Dwarf warriors. the paint is a little thick, but I was trying out a colour scheme. I don’t even think I stripped the mini back to bare plastic on this one. So there would be a few layers of paint on him.

A Flintloque dwarf on my painting table. The base that he is attached to is a bottle cap, which I used to use as handle but found it a bit small. I now used empty Tamiya paint pots, which are much nicer to use. I have no idea about Napoleonic colours, so I just made them up.

This is the same Flintloque dwarf as above, but he is standing next to the one of the original minis, from the bulk purchase I made from the UK. The paint was T H I C K and it was enamal, and a real problem getting it off, but when you put them side-by-side you can see what a difference there is.

Same as above but a different angle.

More of the same.


Gotta say, I really like your banners and the troll is very great - is is rare to see such old GW minis (If I remember correct) :slight_smile:



Gotta say, I really like your banners

IF there is enough interest I would happily make them available to the public.
...it is rare to see such old GW minis

Well this the main reason for getting back into the hobby. With the likes of eBay it is now possible to find these old and lovely minis. The ones that were never available to people outside of the UK, or at least to people living in Australia. I feel more satisfied buying old 2nd hand minis from the 80s and eary 90s, than going into a games store and buying a shrink wrapped box of minis. That is the collector/painter inside of me, being more dominent than the gamer part of me.


Love your painting style. Really a shame that Rackham has gone belly up. Really I felt if anyone could compete with GW it would have been Rackham. (IF they could hire a decent interpreter to translate their rules correctly.)


Love your painting style.

Thank you. I have never really thought of it, as a "style". I have just been applying paint onto minis, trying to make them look as good as everyone elses.
...I felt if anyone could compete with GW it would have been Rackham.

I completely agree with you. Rackham had a great chance to go far. Do I smell a GW conspiracy?


After seeing these photos again, I have decided to try something else. I do like the ‘blue’ background of other peoples minis, so tried my version of that.

Here is my version. Bascally my blue background is not 100% uniform, and it has a bit of weathered texture to it.

Two empire swordsmen standing on the new blue background paper.

You can see the white edge at the bottom of this photo.

Flintloque size comparison.

From left to right: Flintloque Ogre, GW Swordsman, Flintloque Orc, GW handgunner.

Get over to that farmhouse soldier!

The real photo (see last photo for further comment).

Just another angle.

The decals are actually “photoshoped” onto the photo. See above for real photo.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Awesome Work! Love the Mao banner…excellent choice for a Hobgoblin to carry!


Here is the latest mini from my painting table.

Black Orc with Banner

I took this photo to check my new lighting system in my photo area (basicallly a dedicated area on top of my 2nd hand filing cabinet). After a variety of camera settings, I think I am happy with the photo.

Here are couple of extra angles.