[Archive] Games Day Toronto - 2008


They have a pretty cool blog running as they ramp up to Games Day:

They have used Mighty Empire tiles to create the entire Old World map!! How cool is that! :hat off

Who will be going?

Kera foehunter:

wow thats a lot of hexagon pieces.

so xander are you go to it??


I probably will! It’s very close to where I live. :slight_smile:

Knight Of Awsome:

Now if i could afford a $350 westjet flight from Vancouver to toronto…rent a vehicle (I’m to young to drive)…and get a $40 ticket…nah ill just wait until it comes to Vancouver…:~

Lucky xander…:mad


Maybe. We’ll have to see. I’m still very much of the mindset that Games Day is a waste of time and money. I generally leave the decision up to my friends and if they want to go, then I will. I’ll have to see what the oracles say.


If Xander goes, I am going!

Haha and I am making him drive.


Don’t know if you’ve ever been to… neither if Canadians Games Days are better than in France…

But for my poor experience of the french edition I can say that it doesn’t worth it.

It’s like a big games workshop shop : some tables to play, minis exposed, and a lot of other minis to buy!

You’ve seen everything is good to watch in only 1h, walking slowly.

So when I saw they made a time discounter (78d : 15h : 23m : 44s oO) it seemed to me like TOOOO MUCH! :h

Oh no, the good point is if you are good at backround : because there is a quizz and you can win minis and come back to your home with more minis than the price of the ticket. :smiley:


Yeah, its like that Repone. I’ve been able to stretch it out for several hours, but that included getting into seminars and drawing competitions. I did win 2nd Prize in the drawing contest in 2005 (or 2004), but that was helped by the fact that then they had age categories and there was only 5 people in my category. Still, I got a box of Chaos Termies out of it. :slight_smile:

Unless you go for the GDaemon or the gaming, its over very quickly. :frowning:

Uzkul Werit:

Smegs. Why don’t we get anything like that?


GRNDL, you should submit some Chaos Dwarf art!! :smiley:

Perhaps I will look into making some art as well! Hrmmmm… :slight_smile:


You mean at Games Day, or here? If you mean here, well…

/points to avatar.

I don’t have a lot. I sketch mostly to visualize ideas, so its not very presentable. My sketches are “hairy” and not because of the subject matter. I tend to use 10 lines to do the job of one and try to get those 10 lines on the page as quickly as possible. The result is messy, dirty sketches. In my professional time, I’d end up scanning or tracing the imagine onto another surface for final rendering but in my personal art I don’t do that.

If I whip up something worthy of distribution, you’ll be the first to know about it. :slight_smile: