[Archive] Games Day Uk: 2007 Meetup


I can’t make it as I’m moving house, but put me down for Next year (GD 2008, Hmm may be sneak peeks of the new CD range!!). GD is soo much better in the NEC is it not!, NIA was good but there is just more room in the NEC.

Ghrask Dragh:

I never went to the NIA but with all the stuff that was going on last year I couldn’t imagine it working in a smaller arena! Even as big as the NEC is it was still packed!!


oh yeah, need to say it here but i can’t go to games day because my collkage starts a month later than the rest and my inductions on the 23rd so strike me of the list

Uzkul Werit:

The hotdogs are reasonably priced at Games Day but you’re always better off buying something at a coach stop (which still are really pricey) or packing lots of food yourself. This’ll be my fourth Games Day, I think. The old place was good but those at the Forge World stall had a habit of swarming over and taking up the whole arena.

Perhaps we should note who can get 500pts down with them? I’ll bring those Maruader Chaos Dwarfs with me too Ghrask Dragh.

And before I forget, here’s the time and location of where we’ll meet. I’ll PM you all a while before the day itself with this anyway.

Time: 1:30pm

Location: Space Marine Statue


i can come im in birmingham not got allot painted but i can provide moral suport guys if thats annything?


Yes support is well accepted. If you have even one squad of CD or hobbos I would substitute something so that you could join in if you would like :hat off more the merrier

Ghrask Dragh:

We will need moral support by the barrel full, going in to a arena full of Warhammer fans with Chaos Dwarfs :o:)


On a more serious note, it will be good to see you down there drow! :cheers