[Archive] games workshop store quality dropping?


I popped into my local GW store today to have a peek at the island of blood models to see if they were any good in real life, but I was really badly put off by a terrible paint job. The skaven were flat and lacked depth, and the high elf’s had terrible colour choices and really bad metallics.

What is worse is I didn’t get harassed by staff members asking me about my whole collection since 1990 and offering suggestions on how to bankrupt myself further. They never actually spoke to me.

Its pretty bad they have moved to a much smaller premesis and I can’t see how that will work as there was maybe 1 table big enough for a proper game and that was 40k. Fantasy and lotr shared a table that was maybes 4x3 together.

I think the stores may be going the way of Woolworths.

Wolf :

I noticed a similar decline in quality and customer service… But then I realise im just a better painter than when I was 10, when I first walked in to a GW store.

Also where I live they have introduced a one staff member policy during the weekdays.

I think this is due to GW’s falling profits and also to reduce costs in preparation for Hasbro’s eventual take over bid.


Gamesworkshop has been transitioning into one man stores, rather than having anything resembling a mini “battle bunker” type area, with more than one or two staff at any given time with reasonable area to play. I am unfamiliar with GW’s policies in the last 3 months, due to said store in my area being closed due to the lease running out, but more recent policy essentially was reduced to badgering anyone who stepped foot within the store, asking about arming or explaining the hobby when appropriate, and steering them towards kits/paints to purchase. Really lousy at maintaining any degree of customer loyalty, but little managers can do to disobey corporate without being replaced. Their stores seem way better when corporate policies are ignored.

As to the demo models, unsure about that particular store, but my GW store was at a mall location, and theft of said models was rare but expected. Demo models were rarely more than basecoated, washed badab or devlan, and had details like eyes or gems picked out. This is so that models are fairly simple to replicate both for customers should they like the paint job, and the staff should particular models go missing.

Then again, I was fortunate to have a GW store with friendly staff who would ignore policies to cater more towards the customer, rather than irritate them. GW seems to prefer the latter…


I went into the GW in Bournemouth the other week, and not only were the quality of the Island of Blood models excellent, but the one member of staff was as interrogative as they have always been! And the store was quite busy as well, which was nice to see.


I went into the GW in Bournemouth the other week, and not only were the quality of the Island of Blood models excellent, but the one member of staff was as interrogative as they have always been! And the store was quite busy as well, which was nice to see.

Maybe quality staff makes a full store, as I haven't seen a full GW store round my way for a while.


You know what its like I’ve just finished a couple of 12hr night shifts and I couldn’t sleep, lying in bed I had a quick memory flash of my first ever visit to a gw store. This was before 40k was popular, and before plastic kits were readily available. I’m guessing it was a Saturday morning and the store was packed. There was so much inspiring stuff on the shelves including blood bowl, space hulk, space marine had its own section and the even sold those funny little troll games.

The redshirts pursueded me to join in a demonstration game. It was warhammer fantasy and because there were so many people around the table we all only got 1 unit each. I had a small block of goblin archers. I’m pretty much sure the enemy were high elves.

Its discomforting to think how much has changed since then.


I’ve barely been to a GW store more than two-three times in my life, and we only entered Warhammer by the time of the Lizardmen release in 6th edition (ah, what good White Dwarfs, they’ve been re-read time and again…), but I’ve heard other British people speak about the GW stores during the 90s often were packed with people crammed around tables when new games were released. That’s not the case now, apparently.


I’ve been inside one, one time 14 years ago and was unimpressed.


My closest one closed down. My next closest one moved from a mall I went to often, to a place I never go. I haven’t been in one since I bought the Turmakhan book, so well more than two years now. No intention of ever going in one again, so many nearer places that sell it cheaper, have tables, allow me to use other models, etc.


The last time I went in one was six or seven years ago. Only one employee and he was on the phone the entire time, which sucked because I really wanted to ask a question. After that I figured I’d just stick with my local independent comic/gaming store, which is like two miles from my house.