[Archive] Games Workshop's biggest ever plastic kit


Not great really, but I bet the kiddies will be queuing up for it :~


Its not that good, although probebly make an orc fort out of it

Kera foehunter:

geeze o pete i thought i seen it all

so how much??


The bits, on sprue, would be nice. Could be very nice for making a display board or for tons of bits for conversions (especially for those playing Orks).

If I played Orks, I’d pick it up for the sheer number of bits. Still might.


Are they kidding? They can produce this thing but not find it in their plans to revamp our army? WTH

Talk about a “Charlie Foxtrot”… :roll


Are they kidding? They can produce this thing but not find it on their plans to revamp our army? WTF?

You expect bureaucrats, be they governmental or corporate, to make sense? :o


Nope GW is a prime example of the bean counters being in charge…

Kera foehunter:

Shhhhhhh they might here you and want a hand out !!

Kera see them get it line behind the 3 american auto makers


Now Dat’z A Right an Proppa Stompa! WAAAAAAAAGH!!!

Apoc is ridiculous. it’s more like, CHEK OWT MAH KRAZZ-EE HUUJE MODUL DAT TOOOK FUREVUR TA PAINT AND KOST LIKE 270 MILLION! than “lets play a game with 3,000+ armies”


If I was going to do Apoc games, I’d just buy epic. :wink:

Though if I ever see a fully painted apoc game, I’ll watch and enjoy thoroughly… might bring a camera and do interviews like I was an embedded reporter or something.

Ghrask Dragh:

This is bull!!

I feel bad for all the Ork fanatics who have been dreaming of a stompa for years to add to the ranks of their armies, I also agree that redoing us would be a better plan than releasing this thing…


God i hope most of the sheet metal is cast separately. The model itself if fugly but i could use the bitz for a long time on bases and terrain. The cost i imagine will be high though, whatya reckon? On par with the baneblade kit?


All you guys can do is talk (edited) ???
That thing is way kool, no more Mr. Potato Head Stompas or
small trash cans or junk lying around…
It’s well worth the money, Im going to buy one at the very least.
As much as I love Chaos Dwarves we all know that yes, the main armies will always be
updated before we see a CD army book or new models or even a Cathay army…
Orks and Marines make $$$$$ for my favorite hobby, thats a bad thing?

Watch the language-Willmark

Ghrask Dragh:

Check out the Chaos Warriors thread, we don’t just talk sh*t, when it’s good we talk about it and when it’s bad we talk about it.


so how much??

Kera foehunter
60 Pound I heard.

Kera foehunter:

is that the wieght lol

i bet the golden chainsaw brother want this model !!!


Pound as in English currency, or was that a joke?

:S I can’t tell…


Krug, I’m not talking edited. I think it is epic as well, but I was talkin’ bout apoc, not the awesome stompa kit

Watch yours as well-Willmark


I would remind everyone to be mindful of their language, might be ok elsewhere on the web, not here.


Is this the new stompa kit? :~

I hope it is customizable and able to be built in a thousands of different ways as this is terrible!

I’ve seen far better scratch built stompas on the web.

The battlewagon kit is terrible too BUT is really customizable and it is a good starting point for many wonderful creations…hope this will be the same. :slight_smile:

And try to be polite or Will-mum :slight_smile: will punish you :slight_smile: