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hey everybody i know this topic has been brought up before but i cannot find the thread, i worked basically everynight for several weeks drawing up sketches for my ideas for my gaoler…unfortunately i was not able to get my entry in by the deadline because i could not figure out how to take a picture of it, if anyone can help me i would greatly appreciate it, even though i was unable to enter the contest on time i would still like to share my miniature with everybody, so can someone help me out please


If its sketches have you got access to a scanner?

Once you have pics on your computer you can open up an account with photobucket


Its free and easy to use.

Upload pics then copy the url over here.


Also, I found out yesterday that Photobucket has a very handy and easy to use photo editing program on their site. I didn’t have one on my laptop right now so that was a real life saver!


im talking about photographing miniatures


Do you mean how as in how to use a digital camera with a macro function or how to move said .jpg file onto the computer and upload it to the net?


basically all my pics keep coming up blurry so i guess it has todo with the macro function watever that is?

Viskar Zhragoth:

Ok 2 things, first, need the macro function (the small flower-like icon on your digi camera.). turn it on, and it should be able to take much closer pictures. Also, beware if you are too close your flash will hit sometimes in a wierd way (so having lots of light on the mini helps.)

the new thing for me was photobucket. I wasn’t aware that I had to upload them somewhere else before entering, and I was very nervous about my photos getting in on time (hurried messages to Golden Hat at 11:56 pm!) So I have gotten onto photobucket, and it is very nice. the small photo touch-up bit is nice (not as good as photoshop, but easy to use).

So I hope that helps.

Viskar Zhragoth


thanks alot viskar that really helped but to bad i couldnt enter it in on time i wanted my pic to maybe be in the border town burning suppliment but thanks everyone close this thread please