[Archive] Gary Morley


Hardly seems worth starting a thread for, but I emailed Gary a few weeks back asking him if he knew anything about CD. I know he left GW a while back, but I thought why not just ask. He was one of their main sculpters for quite a while.

He said he didn’t know anything about their current release shedule.

Also that his website http://www.iklectica.co.uk/ will be back online in a few months with new stuff (if anyone was interested)


man I wish I had one of those Bloodbowl figures/miniatures… the one holding the cup…


I loved Gary’s sculpts, from Blood Bowl and Necromunda to the 1st Catachans!


Cool avenue to explore. Nice work.

Kera foehunter:

wow!! cool stuff.love his new greens


Cool find, as a High Elf player until recently I obviously have a great number of his sculpts in my HE army.


He has done some great models, and also a few terrible ones.


He has done some great models, and also a few terrible ones.



Yeah seriously. His old chaos champions are great, and the swordmasters are among the best in the High Elf range, but when I see the new direct-service-only Dark Elf models and compare Morley’s to the other sculptors’, I can’t help but think his style seems a bit dated.