[Archive] gav thorpe leaving / left games workshop



wow now thats an interesting thread with a great many implications for the future of whfb


Sad to hear. He has been an asset to GW and to WFB!

Kera foehunter:

well gav was the last of the old timers. now white dwarf is totaly new magazine ,than explains why it stinks now!!!


Hmm… Suddenly including CD in HoC is a lot more appealing…

Unless they get a decent replacement, I worry this will spell the end of WA: CD.  Gav may have had it in for us in years past, but I think he was one of the very few people left in games development with the motivation to get us a book.

Rumour had it he was the one working on our list.

Gav was also the overfiend of 40k as well after the departure of Pete Haines.


Well… With this we have to hope Jervis doesn’t forget us. Unless the get someone new that is a huge CD fan… Hope the didn’t sack him with the idea that sales were poor because of him.


A damn shame. Did lots for the hobby he did. Hope someone else remember the darker kin.



I really wish him good luck. At the same time it don´t need to be a bad thing that he is gone, change is good, is that not what Tzeentch has thought us?

Ishkur Cinderhat:

I share Grim’s worries here… without Gav there is probably hardly anyone left in the studio to back up our cause. :frowning:


Is this just a rumour or has it actually been confirmed that he’s leaving?

If it is true I would think it is probably catastrophic news for CD.


it is fully confirmed that he is gone from gw, he wants to concentrate on his writing career


Every old timer who leaves takes a bit of the game’s background with them. Think of Owen Rees - they pictured him in WD at gamesday as a kid, which means he can’t have been in the hobby long enough to remember the early editions. People like Gav and Rick have an intimate knowledge and affection for the Warhammer world and are more likely to look after the little details.

Kera foehunter:

i think with new people we have a better chance!! as long as they get someone that’s play warhammer. not no middle manager of sales


As the old enthuisasts leave one can only hope someone with enthuisasm will be moved into a position of creative marketing.If not it does not bode well for CD but who knows?:hat