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well, this is from a recent recent Necronomicon tourney and i thought it would be good to post, especialy item 1


1) Are there currently plans to produce a new Chaos Dwarf army book and if so will they be an autonomous army as before or fall under the Chaos umbrella (like Beasts, Mortals & Deamons)?


“Plans” is too strong a word, but there is definitely a desire (and a sense of duty) that we will get back to them one day. They would be a complete army in their own regard.

2) Are there currently plans to produce anything for the Demiurg for Warhammer 40k?


No, is the short answer (short, geddit?).

3) What were the games designers thinking when they gave falcons the ability to have extra armor so all hits are always glancing, unless you can shoot them on turn 1 before they move and have a fair chance of killing them?


They were thinking that Falcons are Armour 12 so anything with S6 and above can potentially destroy them 1/3 of the time even with a glancing hit. Perhaps players should try less lascannon-like weapons for the job, and more multilasers and assault cannons.

And is there an chance the unbalanced rule may be altered in the future?

The only time rules would change would be in a new Codex: Eldar, which obviously won’t be for many years yet.

4) Do Eldar / Dark Eldar jetbikes or skyboards nullify the “Fleet of foot” rule?


Yes, although wait for the FAQ (which will be coming honest!) for that to become official.

5) Tentative 40K Codex release schedule for 2008…?

Something green and then some other books.

6) Are you a big fan of Harry Potter? (yea I know, but someone asked�K lol)


Never met him��

7) Does taking a Steam Tank down to half wounds net you half VP’s for that model, or do you have to kill it outright to gain any VP’s whatsoever? Is it a warmachine or a unit?


Warhammer, P102: “Models that fight on their own and not in units�K are worth half their points value in VPs if reduced to half their starting number of wounds or less.” That’s crystal clear. Sorry, that was a bit of a waste of a question.

Any and ALL details he is in liberty give us concerning the upcoming chaos codex for 40k? That’s all I wish for when I go to sleep at night…Praying to the dark gods…


The main shift has been to bring in the Chaos Renedages of the last ten thousand years rather than focus solely on the Traitor Legions and the events of the Horus Heresy. There is one army list, pretty flexible with the Cult Marines such as Plague Marines and Berzerkers as Troops, so theming is still viable. Marks (represented by unit Icons) are available to a much wider selection of units. On the whole the aim was “freedom not rules”. It’s Chaos, for crying out loud, it should’nt be a mess of overlapping structures and restrictions!

Many of the more fiddly options have been removed as specific rules, allowing players to exercise their imagination in creating cool models and paint schemes rather than worrying whether that spiky bit on their Lord’s helmet would cost them 5 points. In all, the viewpoint has been wound back so players are making decisions about their army on a more macro-scale, thinking about the mix of units and vehicles rather than inconsequential modeling details on individual members of their squads.

Daemons are generic, and are broken into Summoned Greater Daemons and Summoned Daemons. They have one profile for each type and can be considered almost like a spell effect. Codex: Chaos Daemons will be released several months after Codex: Chaos Space Marines for those who love their Chaos Daemons and want to field Daemonic Legions armies.

The army list represents a typical Chaos Space Marines army with a mix of Marks and Gods, although players still have plenty of options to theme if they desire. It was felt that to do proper justice to the Cult armies (i.e. Khorne armies, etc) requires a specific Codex in its own right �V Codex: World Eaters, for example, just like Codex: Dark Angels for the loyalists. There’s immense scope for really cool models, background and games within these armies and to reduce them to a relatively few options (not well represented by the miniatures range) and a page of background is bordering on the criminal. Why not have 20+ pages of history for Khornate warbands from and a full army list of cool Khornate-themed stuff like different types of Berzerkers squads to choose from? Now, there’s no scheduled releases of this type yet, but by approaching Codex: Chaos Space Marines in the way we have, we have the option to do so without creating contradictions and confusion.

Also we’ve included lots of Colour schemes and background to inspire people on the painting side of the hobby, including over two dozen new colour schemes for various warbands. I’m really pleased with it. I think it’s now possible to choose a Chaos army without succumbing to the madness of the warp, and the idea of creating your own warband is now as strong as the urge for loyalist players to create their own Chapters. The idea was to give that back to the players and allow them to decide what they want in their army and how it looks �V freedom not rules!

9) When will a new Space Orks codex arrive? The last one was 1999. It looks so lonely on the shelf next to all the new ones.


Yes, it is really showing its age. As my earlier answer indicated, the new Waaagh! will begin early next year and it’s gonna be big.

10) How do you classify Monsterous characters? Base size? Can they be affected by spells that target monsters? (IE: Beast Cowers)


A Monster is, generally, a model that is fielded on its own or as a mount, has multiple wounds and has a 40mm square or larger base. The only exceptions are Hydras and Salamanders, which come with handlers but are monsters. Ogres, Minotaurs, etc are infantry. We are currently looking at publishing an update of the base size chart on the web or in WD, with added categorization on infantry/ cavalry/ monsters, etc

a. THIS IS PART OF THE ABOVE QUESTION. Does the Rune of the True Beast affect monstrous characters? (i.e. treeman ancients, greater daemons, shaggoth champs)?


No, they are characters. Note that, for example, this means a Shaggoth is affected, while a Shaggoth Champion isn’t. A character monster is assumed to have the strength of mind and willpower to resist these sorts of things, while most monsters are more mindless and instinctual.

b. THIS IS THE 40MM SIZE QUESTION OF THE SAME ABOVE�K Does wolf hunts or beast cowers effect ogres/minotaurs/40mm base models?


No, they are infantry as they come in units of more than one model (or can do, in the case of Maneaters).

11) If I cast the new warrior priest prayer that lets the model reroll hit and wounds on a wizard, would the wizard be able to reroll wound rolls on spells? EX. fireball, conflag, comet…


As written, it affects all rolls to hit and wound (so would also affects an Engineer��s ranged attacks, etc).

12) Does -1 attack magic items/abilites such as blooddragon blademaster or cursed shield of mousillon effect attacks made by tomb kings righetous smiting?



13) Does the spell wolf hunts effect ancients/shaggoth champs/greater demons?


No, they are characters not monsters (see earlier.

14) Luthor Huss has special rules with no description on what they do, …misprint?


Yes, the summary in the army list is incorrect �V summaries always manage to creep something like this in�K

15) If a stone thrower or flame template covers a stegadon, does all the crew get hit?


Warhammer, p61: “If a monsters has two or more riders�K then randomize any hits among the two riders”. Only one Skink is hit.

16) Do any + to hit modifiers or weapons that always hit on 2s, banners that always hit on 3s, or tress of isloude like items effect wood elf annoyance of netlings? Or is it just a roll off each time to sees which magic is better?


Irresistible force versus immovable object, roll each time.

17) Can negative spell effects stack? For example can I cast doom and darkness on a unit twice for -6 leadership? Would the -1 to hit, wound, and save spell from metal be stackable?


No, they are not cumulative unless the spell specifies otherwise. If a spell makes a unit -3 Ld, the unit is -3 Leadership, the second spell has the same effect.

1 With the release of the new books there is no longer Dogs of war as a rare choice listed. Can these new book armies no longer take advantage of dogs of war or do you go by the regiment of renown entries?


The rules for including DOW are in the DOW army list and Regiments of Renown rules. We felt it better to remove the direct tie with the army books, as a) it was’nt true, some DOW could be taken as Specials or characters, and b) if we do get around to updating the DOW book we don��t want to be tied to any particular system.

19) If I have a dark emmissary or truthsayer in my non dow army, can he join my units? For example: could he join a unit of chaos warriors in a mortal hordes of chaos list?


Er, why wouldn��t they be able to?

20) When do they expect to release a drop pod model, and will chaos get dread claw drop pods int their codex or always deepstrike termis?


There’s no plan for a drop pod model in the next few months, and we thought about adding them to Chaos Space Marines bur decided against it this time around �V the loyalists need a few things to mark them out as an army! There’s nothing particularly wrong with collecting an army of recently turned renegades and using the Codex: Space Marines as a basis for your Choas Space Marine models, as long as your opponent is sure what they are facing. Of course, you wouldn’t get Icons or Daemons or any of the cool Chaos stuff.

21) There is a rumor about High Elves in the new book either striking first all the time, or always striking in initiatvie order whether charging or charged. Is this true, and is this going to be a new ALL ELF rule or just a High Elf thing?


Any High Elves specific rules are for the high Elves, to represent not only their natural skills, but also their training and discipline when fighting together.

22) My question has to do with the interaction of pistols and hand weapons in close combat. The pistol description says that a pistol used in close combat counts as a hand weapon and that a brace of pistols counts as a pair of hand weapons. It is simple enough, but the ‘Fighting with a weapon in each hand’ section explains that any combination of hand weapons allows you to benefit from the extra attack. As (virtually) all models come with a hand weapon, a player could combine it with a single pistol in order to get an extra attack. Is this intended? The pistol rules seem to indicate that you need two pistols to get an extra attack, but the extra hand weapon rules state otherwise. Do we need one pistol or a brace of pistols to benefit from a weapon in each hand?


You need a brace of pistols to get the extra attack �V like lightning claws in 40K.

23) Does the moonstone allow you to teleport from wood to wood at the end of YOUR OWN movement phase, or at the end of ANY movement phase?


Your own.

24) THIS IS A MUCH NEEDED QUESTION APPARENTLY FOR THE ��WARHAMMER ROCKERS�� Who made the brilliant decision to start the Citadel record label and inflict the rock band Bolt Thrower upon the world?


To be honest, I think Bolt Thrower would have been inflicted upon the world with or without Warhammer Records. The project was led by Andy Jones, something of a guitarist himself, who also brought us the Troll Games and Warhammer Quest and now runs EMD, the licensing division that includes Black Library, computer games tie-ins and all that.



My pleasure, shame I couldn��t make the trip over. I look forward to meeting up if you can get over this side of the pond. Take care, have fun, and roll plenty of sixes (except for morale checks)!

Uzkul Werit:

So Gav does love us! I knew it! I reckon the CD Question must be a staple at all interviews now.

That new special rule for the HE sucks. Best draft in a few extra Bolt Throwers.


Yay for that we will be an own army. Nay for that they don�t even want to use the word “plan” together with “chaos dwarf”.

Actually, I was more pleased with the DoW comment than the CD one. I also found it interesting that he didn�t denied the HE rumour.

Besides of that, almost only the Codex Chaos Space Marines question was interesting to read.

6) Are you a big fan of Harry Potter? (yea I know, but someone asked�K lol)


Never met him

And that was probably the best answer, by far.


that we will get back to them one day.
C'mon, this really means nothing at all (bar the mention of CDs in general, which is always good).

I dunno if you guys remember, but when the 1st chaos book was released they said that there would definitely be two to follow it. Beastmen came out and then they winged the last book saying that the storm of chaos book was the one they always planned!
This is just speculation, but IMO they meant to do a CD book but then decided that it wasn't worth they're time.


Gav previously said that they could have done the CD book but decided to do Ogres and there wasn’t room for both projects. Ogres gave more room for money (DoW choice for almost everyone) but still failed.

The Raven:

because it was a stupid idea

Gav is as clear as ever, wich is pretty dense and my dislike for him is still on the same level…:~


Ogres gave more room for money (DoW choice for almost everyone) but still failed.
Maybe Ogres will end up as the Chaos Dwarfs of 8th edition...

Uzkul Werit:

Fingers crossed, eh? :smiley:


I enjoy this news. :smiley:


Does this Necro thing have an official source, or website? Where is this from? I want some more details please.


I dunno, found it on warhammer relam and noticed the CD bit so thought i’d post it


Can you post a link to that? Thanks.



heres the realm, can’t be bothered to look for this topic


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