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Godbob and his jolly rogers:

OK didn’t know where to put this but seeing there is something already on CD discussion i thought i’d put it here

so then these are the roumours from GD Italy

from warseer

ok then…let me speak about italian GT rumors…as i’ve collected an huge amount of them to share with people around the world…this seems the right place

ok,i spoke with Alessio and Jes Goodwin so let’s go!

Chaos Dwarfs: jes said "squat are gone,i’ve killed them all,personally.Chaos dwarfs?No,they 'll be not squatted…instead in the future you’ll see them,in style with hellcannon’s crew ones.No more big hats,we will develop them when we will have the time to,and resources"

Dogs of war,Alessio:"sorry but there 're no plans to develop them.We want to make every army particular without criss-crossing between armies.Just like chaos who has been divided in 3, for a reason.DoW were a criss cross army we want no more.Maybe IF we develop an “apocalipse” for WHFB we could be reintroduce them…but not anytime soon and not as a stand alone army"

Khermi and beastmen and bretonnia,Alessio:"beasts of chaos will retourn in not so a distant future.The other two armies will wait more instead,they are fine just now,don’t need a redone soon"

Lizardmen:will be nasty.Full of new models,more dinosaurs (a more fat stegadon model in the near future).Out in march,no spearhead box but something else.Stegadon will have 3 ways of use: as now, with the Warmachine of gods and with a crew of giant blowpipe skinks (swarm of dards rule…multiple poisoned St3 shooting weapon).No other informations could be said about,sorry

skavenut in 2009 summer.So after them it’s time for beasts of chaos,i think.

Ogres: not in the schedule,not a priority for GW to redo my army .When and IF they redo them,probably rhinox riders will be a new type of unit,100% official

Then,i think, the MOST important FACT…they’re thinking about a new edition for WHFB,not in a so distant future.

They know how the fifth edition of 40K has been very liked by people,so they want to do the same with WHFB,which instead it’s a bit “stuck in marble” cause of rulebook.

they cannot by now expand WHFB lin a way like for 40k…so the new edition will be more fun and enjoyable.

In what way?no more only pitched battles,but scenarios like those used in the UK HEAT…with more emphasis on troops, targets to be conquered, table quarters and the like…so a whfb a little bit more like 40K 5th ed.

With also a magic phase in which misscast will be behind the corner…look out at 1 when casting a spell…even with one die…

Those are some ideas they have about to change the rulebook…and if this will be succesfull lik in 40k area…welll, we will se “siege sourcebook”…“apocalypse for whfb” and the like…i’m crossin fingers!

When this will happen? No one told us…we could guess about it…i’m thinking about 2010…far from now…but not THAT far…but,who kows?Maybe before…

and the LotR thing: in february 2009 we will see “War of the Rings battle game” or “WotR”…something like “apocalypse for LotR game”…with some miniatures in plastics for ents,new trolls and the like…great battles on middle earth

Just to remind people that LoTR it’s NOT dead…and instead will be,with WotC, revamped before “the hobbit” will be on the cinemas…in late 2009

No more things to be said,hope this will help

well look promising for CD:)

Viskar Zhragoth:

Interesting about the new edition. they seem to have lots of “maybe concepts” if they just started now…especially how they used to develop the rules editions…

Kera foehunter:

i wish gw would drop the lotr stuff

the store i go to is no longer going to carry lotr it no one buys it they say

but i hope they do the hobbit in 28 mm so i can get a cool thorin oakenshield model to go with my army


They won’t do it in 28mm as they would want it to work with the current LotR.

I’ve updated the ‘official’ rumours to show that the Big Hats aren’t coming back (in reference to design of models, not the CD as an army). Numerous GW designers have said this now so its official.

Pyro Stick:

Im Actually looking forward to the new LOTR. I loved my haradrim and its a shame i havent been able to use them much.