[Archive] General Use 2500pts army


Here is my 2,500pt army list. It’s suposed to be competitive, but still a bit fluffy as it’s intended for use at my local club not tournaments. Please let me know what you think.

Chaos Dwarf Lord, Great Taurus, Black Hammer of Hashut, Armour of the Furnace, Sheild - 443pts

Sorcerer, Level two, 2x dispell scroll (or maybe swap dispell scroll for power stone? - 150pts

Sorcerer, Level two, Black Gem of Gnar - 135pts

Hero, Armour of Gazrakh, Gauntlets of Bazhrakk the Cruel, Great weapon - 114pts

20 x Chaos, Dwarves, Full Command, Heavy Armour, Hand Weapon, Shield - 210pts

20 x Chaos, Dwarves, Full Command, Heavy Armour, Hand Weapon, Shield - 210pts

18x Blunderbusses, Full command, Heavy Armour - 246pts

18x Blunderbusses, Full command, Heavy Armour - 246pts

2x Death Rockets - 160pts

20x Orc Boyz, Full Command, Light Armour, Shield - 150pts

10x Orc Boyz, Light Armour, Shield - 60pts

10x Bull Centaurs, Champion Standard, Great Weapons, War Banner, Heavy Armour, Shield - 265pts

1x Earthshaker Cannon - 110pts

Total = 2499pts


what is the reason for the 10man orc squad?

i would make the blunderbusses 15 strong and the warriors 24+characters


The 10 man orc squad is to use up the last few points. I wanted Hobgoblin wolfrider, but there weren’t enough points left.


You could drop two sorc levels and two blunders 76Pts

If you intend putting you general in a cd warrior unit drop the gantlets and a CD warrior 39pts

with this you can bolster your orcs 115pts if you have the minis:hat

Uzkul Werit:

Drop the Gauntlets. They look good but you’ll rarely ever need S7 for anything other than smashing chariots. Use these points to get a couple more Warriors in the units. That tiny Orc unit won’t be doing much so you may want to switch those for two Bolt Throwers.


I have to say I love the Gauntles. But its a matter of opinion I guess. But you really shop either get rid of that tiny orc Regiment or get it to a decent size. At the size you have now it is only free VP for your opponent.

- Tallhat


I love the gauntlets but not as a weapon of self destruction in a warrior unit:P my hobgoblin heroes swear by them tho;)