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Original Realm of Chaos artwork by Tony Ackland!

Comic Art Gallery of Super Bird at ComicArtFans.com


Love seeing non-baphomet beast men


Very nice. Thanks for the link.



Have been looking for artwork from them for a long while. Now I just need a spot on my wall!

Very nice.  Thanks for the link.



I love the old Realm of Chaos beastmen fluff. They had so much more character back then, rather than just ‘WA: Angry goats in the woods’


Does anyone know of…

A. If the new armybook fluff is gonna have any talk of different types of beastmen besides goats… Like is there any panther warriors? Or what about bull-men that are human-size (not minotaurs)??  Are skaven a type of beastman?

B. any links you can give me to army photos of a beastman army that aren’t baphomet goats?

p.s. I really hope I’m not hijacking your thread here… PM me the answers instead if I did something wrong.


@ Che: GW are keeping their cards fairly close to their chest at the moment re WA: Beastmen. Apart from the ‘pumbagor’ I don’t think there will be any new types of beasts introduced though. I’d love to see Bovigors (human-sized bull headed beastmen) make a comeback, along with Gavechildren and other awesome elements of the realm of chaos. As for the actual army, I’ve gt a few bits and pieces on the drawing board for my BoC army but nothing complete yet. I’ll post them in my blog once done


I have “The Lost and the Damned” which contains all the old beastman rules and fluff, its really nice and much deeper.