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so ive been playing 40k again with a borrowed army or 2 for a few weeks now, and since i sold all of my 40k stuff on ebay, im thinking i might have to start fresh. but i want to do it right, and make it look good, and be fun. so im going to start off with a kill team, then combat patrol, then work my way up the food chain.

i wish to play ordo hereticus.

not sure on kill team yet, but here is my combat patrol:

Inquisitor: Divine Pronouncement-50

3x Gun Servitors: Heavy Bolters-75

1x Chirurgeon: 12

5 Inquisitorial Storm Troopers: Flamer-55

Chimera: Heavy Bolter x 2-85

5 Dominions: 55

Immolator: Smoke-68

i will eventually wish to include archo flaggellents, penetant engines, an assassin, and orbital bombardment. these are the inquisition/hereticus specific devices, so they MUST be included in this army for me to consider playing it.


Not sure what this is about but I can give you some tips on the army as I have a Daemonhunter/Witchhunter/IG allied based army.

Personally I would give your Inquisitor the Chimera as he is vunerable to fire, as henchmen don’t have a save and the 5+ cover save given by being near a vehicle will help also. Divine Prounouncement is expensive and if I remember correctly has a short range use, not good for a shooty Inquisitor, I find Word Of the Emperor good as its cheap and can often mean that they miss the charge, allowing you to hop in your Chimera/Rhino and drive off.

I would consider just 2xHBolter servitors as they are quite expensive and add maybe an acolyte or cheaper familliar for those inevitable causulties, this makes your squad cheaper and helps get points to add men to your 5 man stormtrooper squad, I find they work best in sevens.

You are lacking on Tank Busting abilities but have plenty of anti-horde weapons. Maybe get a melta gun for your stormtroopers or some melta bombs for your Inquisitor. Not a biggy as it is Combat Patrol and your opponent can’t have a big tank.

Other than that this is pretty solid list.

Burn the Heretic!


gun servitors have a 4+ save, and since they are the majority thats what i use till i lose some. divine pronouncement has a 24" range, but im fighting probably mainly white scars, deathwing, and eldar.

since when does being ‘near’ a vehicle give a cover save?


ya but id rather lose 6pts of cheapness to 25pts deffo in border patrol 4+ save is rubbish anyhow :slight_smile:

Also IMOP would prefer some protection for him over Divine Prounouncement, can’t say much as I’ve never used a Ordo Hereticus Elite Inquisitor shooty squad.

I stick to my Ordo Mallus Elite with Psycannon and targeter, termy armour so I can use heavy shot version of the gun even if im moving 2xHb servitors, 2x sages re-roll a missed shot, a Mystic (for cheap protection)

White Scars, toughness 5 bikes? no meltas or plasma goodness :o

As for that rule about 5+ cover I shall have a look in my rulebook for ya, I too am not sure about this rule but the last game I had opponent was insistent of it I thought it was just when the vehicle blew up and the wrekage gave a save?:cheers

The Stormtrooper squad is two small regardless of the Inquisitor set up, doing a Combat Patrol Inquistorial force is challenging, I usually use my “Traitor Guard” (normal imperial guard) as you can’t get the juciy elitist goodness in INquistor Forces until higher pointage (aka, allied IG with Leman Russ)


i know what you mean. i thought it was onlky wreckage as well.

now then, i may drop the shooty inquisitor(he becomes a lord in higher points which makes divine pronouncement even better with ld 10). or take a plasma cannon servitor with cheap bodies to hide behind.

i figured the heavy bolters would do good damage before combat is joined. the white scars player gets i think 1 or 2 small bike squads and a librarian. the terminators even less methinks.