[Archive] GF9 releases Grey Stuff!



As you may know, my Green Stuff is from GF9. They offer a far better price than GW. They’ve recently released a new product called Grey Stuff. I am not sure what the advantages are of Grey Stuff over Green Stuff, but I thought I’d at least link to it. And for those who didn’t know where I got my Green Stuff, now you do know.

They also have things like Plastic Tubes and Plasticard.

:hat off


when brown stuff harden it is not so flexible as gs… so u could make sharp edges etc. etc.


i use procreate to sculpt, which is grey. if this is the same thing then it holds detail better but can be a lot softer, obviously depending on the mix. it also smells a bit funny.

its good to mix a bit into brown stuff though, to give it a bit more adhesiveness.

Kera foehunter:

thank xander for the link  i like to try the grey stuff