[Archive] GH IX - speculations - anyone?


So, now that AC IV is well on it�?Ts way �?" and all the �?~fluff- and rule-nerds�?T have had there chance on making a cool War Machines �?" I think it�?Ts time for the �?~Painting Geeks�?T to take over. Can�?Tt be long before Golden Hat IX is launched.

I know, that staff has probably already a clear idea of what it�?Ts all going to be about, but that shouldn�?Tt hold us back. So what would you like to see �?" right now - in a Golden Hat comp?

Personally, I would like to see anyone of these:

Bull Centaur, maybe including BC hero/BC BSB

Sorcerer or Mounted Sorcerer

Regular troopers �?" like a 5-man front rank or so


Mmmmh, I’d like to see a bull centaur hero/Bsb or a sorcerer.

Kera foehunter:

hunmmmm like the bull centaur hero

Pyro Stick:

I feel like Sorceror has been done before but thats probably because i entered one into the Duel contest. Just in case Sorceror gets chosen for the next GH, ill hold off painting my last sorceror until its announced. It might finally be time for Necromancer!

I would like to see a Rank of something for the next competition. Like a Rank of 5 Blunderbuss or 3 Bull Centaurs or something like that.


Bull centaurs is a good choice, it could be just a hero/Bsb as previously stated of even an unit.


The only speculation I offer is that I will say I will not enter, but will anyway and lose by a great margin, then gripe about it inwardly till the next GH, thereby resetting the cycle.


GRNDL- that made my morning!

Suffice if to say we are talking about it as we speak and should have it launched shortly, stay tuned. :slight_smile:


Suffice if to say we are talking about it as we speak and should have it launched shortly, stay tuned. :)

So that would give us deadline around 27th/28th of June - I guess.

If theme is Bull Centaurs should 'count as BC'-models be permitted? Here, I'm thinking about creatures like Boar, Worm and Spider Centaurs etc. Let me hear you thoughts about that as well.


I guess well discuss once we annouce what the subject matter is :wink:

Ishkur Cinderhat:

I’d say it should definitely be something rank&file related.

We had heroes, standard bearers, warmachines, duels… time to return to the good old core units! :slight_smile:


Hobgobbos, Hobgobbo hero, special characters, bull centaurs, a terrain peice would be cool too or…

…a Kolossus! :stuck_out_tongue:

Kera foehunter:

Grndl just think!!! love is like little golden rays of sunshine that enter your being and brings great joy !! It make you want to say good thinks to all

like a sugar coated joy that gives you a high that nothing can bring you down!!

your still going to lose!!! but don’t that at least make you more pist off


sad!! so will i

@ tjub Hobbgoblin yes !! a hobgoblin killing machine would be cool

like a wood chipper


Golden Hat 1. Battle for Skull Pass Warrior

Golden Hat 2. Rykarth the Unbreakable

Golden Hat 3. Hobgoblin Hero

Golden Hat 4. Slave Unit

Golden Hat 5. Standard Bearer

Golden Hat 6. Gaoler Hero

Golden Hat 7. Duel!

Golden Hat 8. War Machine

Golden Hat 9. Sorcerer? Bull Centaur? Blunderbussier(s)? Terrain Piece?


I’m still hoping it will be a sorcerer


I think it will be “Sculpt Swissdictator”

I’m the one in green sitting down.


I'm still hoping it will be a sorcerer

Haha, the irony of it all... I just did two and have painted neither. If it turns out to be sorcerors Ill have to do another. Haha... :hat off


I think it will be "Sculpt Swissdictator"

+ img +

I'm the one in green sitting down.

Hahaha, "Oh my god, how on earth did it get this bad!?". It seems you have given up allready... :P


Actually that was game 3, which was very fun… and against Nurgle Demons!

I’m not sure what I’m thinking right there… must have made a critical leadership check or something.

Kera foehunter:

Well it looks like you have a great pose there!!

omg you lost your hat and chainsaw !!!


maybe a diorama?

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