[Archive] GH6 Gaoler (more and bigger pics!)


I wanted to show some more and bigger pics of the Gaoler.:rolleyes:

When you start forming a concept in your mind it’s always the question if you can translate it well to reality. In this case it really did and so I am really pleased with the end result.

The paintjob was done quicker than usual but I’m pretty sattisfied. Also the pics are taken with a cam not used before but my gf did a really good job Imho! Thanks hun!!!:hat off:P


As I have already told you so many times before: “It’s brilliant”. And you did get my vote :wink:

The base rocks :slight_smile: and the dwarf is just so perfect. He is so classic and would fit in with any 3rd ed. CD army - I just love him!

Btw: Would really like to know how you did it - and don’t you have any WIP-pics to show - too?

And are those horns from the WFB Chaos Champion?


It’s perfect. I can’t think of a single thing about it that could be improved.


Firstly Obsidian, congrats on coming so close to the gold in such a hard fought comp. Two things, is the goblinoid on the base a self sculpt? second, how did you make/what did you use for the whip?


Thanks all! :cheers:

@Clam: sorry, no wip pics as I had to hurry him just a bit. Mostly he’s re-sculpted. And yes, those are the WFB Chaos Champion horns! ^^

@Al-Hashut: The Gnoblar is half original, half sculpt. The head and fur plus the arms are from a metal Gnoblar I had lying around the rest is GS. The whip is from a Beastmen character called Khazrakh. Was surprised (and happy!) no one else thought of that!:stuck_out_tongue:

The contest did give me inspiration to start a whole warband, which I will be doing work on every now and then. First I’ve got more important projects lying around! :wink:

Kera foehunter:

i like the great smooth colors poor Gnoblar


he looks very strong. physically. like he could smoosh anyone who tried to escape his jail. :stuck_out_tongue:

but seriously, the paint job is great. Most everyone I discussed the contest with were blown away by the paint job. It’s great Obs (PS - give your gf a kiss for taking such great pics ;))

I really like the creativity of the guy hiding under the rock/foot. hehe n.n


the little figure in front of his feet - what is it? and where is it from?

- However I’ll like to say, that it is a great conversion - I like the use of the (I quess) chaos helm :slight_smile:

It really inspired me to make a character with horns and still keep up the mask theme of my army :cheers


Again thanks all! :cheers:

As said before the Gnoblar is half original and half sculpt. I found it in my bitzbox somewhere, so honestly I can’t tell you where it was from originally.

@Sojourn: already did that but will do so again! :wink:


-Bumpity bump-

Decided to put this guy on cmon but need some help I think…

Is the fig really only worth a 6.6? Not that I let Cmon scores go too much to my head but I do think it’s a bit low-ish.

Ah well if you want, please vote and leave a reply:



I’ve found the reviewers on CMON are incredibly picky and it might be due to the photographs. I’ve posted up a lot of my models and while I’ve gotten two models over 8 in the votes, there are a few models which are comparable in terms of painting quality (in my opinion) and they’ve been voted down to around 5 or low 6’s.  Also, conversions rarely get any extra kudos or brownie point votes as we might get in the GH - its all down to the paint job, I think.

It might be because the site encourages people to be tough - like a Golden Daemon judge. That being said, if you get a high score, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve earned it!!

  Look on the bright side, your model won a SH!! :slight_smile:

Kera foehunter:

So Obsidian is it custom to offer booze for votes

like in the real world???

i might need some help with voting * wink wink *


Come over to Holland and I’ll buy you a few rounds Kera! :cheers:

I think you’re right GRNDL. When Cmon first started it was a nice place to get good tips and critique but these days it’s just a bunch of guys joking around a lot and taking the mickey out of everyone/everything. I posted the Gaoler on the forums there as well and was honestly happy a painter who’s work I like alot responded positively! That means more to me than the grade I got on the model itself!!!

On the downside I also got this remark:

’‘THE most horrible sculpts ever… Chaos Dwarfs’’

What the heck does that got to do with this 80% resculpted piece?! :~

In the new year I’ll start a blog in which I’ll cover a whole warband. Alreadt started on the second Gaoler! :slight_smile:


Some people would give it a low score just for being a Chaos Dwarf, and not because they don’t like it but because they follow the general dislike that many people have for the bighats. It’s rather silly really.

Kera foehunter:

hey look your a 6.7 see i voted now im comming for the free drink


Okay give me a note when you’ve arrived and I’ll order the first round! :cheers:


Just send some slaves and you get an extra 10 ^^


I gave you a 10 ( I’m not sure if the system registered it) and some other peoples 1’s :stuck_out_tongue: so that you’ll have less competition


I gave you a 10 ( I'm not sure if the system registered it) and some other peoples 1's :P so that you'll have less competition

Thanks mate but I'm perfectly fine if you give it the grade YOU think it deserves.

But I don't mind 10's of course! :P