[Archive] Ghouls or Skele's?


I haven’t bought anything yet, but i think I’m going to be the VC’s… Whats more useful? Ghouls or Skeles?


Ghouls are good with there 2 attacks and poison but i would go for Skele’s they are cheeper can have a command that you can now bring back :slight_smile: and i think they look cooler


While Ghouls have 2A and T4, Skellies have armor and command.

Take Lord of the Dead on the Lord if you can, as it makes Skellies that much more effective.

Undead thrive on soft res, so getting soft res from a banner (or the effects of a magic banner, even just a warbanner) and being able to save add up quickly. I’d prefer grave guard, but… lord of the dead and sheer numbers can help make up for it.

Also as loki said: Skellies are indeed cooler.

Kera foehunter:

i say ghouls because skellies don’t have the guts to fight


If you take Skellies, make use of their ability to take command and a magic banner. War Banner or Banner of the Dead Legion, or maybe Endless Nightmare if you have loads. Otherwise Ghouls.

Bear in mind Ghouls with VanHels will rip many enemy units to shreds, while Skellies with VanHels will simply evoke fond memories of Jason and the Argonauts.


Ghouls are by far the better choice. You get 2 poisoned attacks. You take a vampire with Summon Ghouls bloodline and you can now raise them past their starting number which allows you to take many small units as well. They are Toughness 4 which is nothing to sneeze at. Skellies, while cheaper, I only take 2 20 man units with no command to hold table quarters. :slight_smile:

Alan the evil:

I vote for ghouls: T4 and 2 poisoned attacks are good for infantry

Skellies are cheaper… but there is a reason!!


Skellies are cheaper... but there is a reason!!
No they aren't, although they should be.


I find ghouls are not as versatile as skellies, which have command options/armor save/magic banner (all said before), and consider: vamp w/walking death, BSB-warbanner, endless legion banner (one that counts 4 ranks), outnumber, standard, full ranks and you have a +9 static combat res for a reasonable investment in points. Ghouls are ok though.


An interesting scenario I encountered:

VCs vs DoC

The Bloodthirster gets cocky and flies right up close to the Undead lines, going ‘bring it!’. A unit of Ghouls go ‘ok’ and charge. They are raised up a bit, DoC player still seems pretty confident in Mr BT. Over the next few turns, the inevitable VanHels go off with the Ghouls striking first. The VC player opts not to use the Helm of Commandment leaving the Ghouls fighting at WS3. Needing 5s to hit, they miss more often and thus get more re-rolls from VanHels. More re-rolls = more poison wounds on Mr BT, and 2 turns later he keels over and dies :slight_smile: