[Archive] Giant nurgle beast?


I’m looking for some ideas or similar models of a giant nurgle beast that I could use for the Open category at next years golden daemon.

The vast majority of it would be sculpted and I’d like it to be fairly detailed.

Wouldn’t have to be a fantasy nurgle beast btw.


A Jabberslythe may be a good start.

On the Herdstone forums (Beastman equivalent of CDO) search for Jabberslythe alternates…


What about the Skaven abomination


make your own if its going to be heavily sculpted, if you are from the uk, join platoon britannica, its the uk’s golden demon winners hangout, you get to see their entries early, and all the advise and tips you will ever need to get that sword :stuck_out_tongue:


I think you should base it on Nightmaw but bigger with your own giant spawn twist the nightmaw model is one of my favs.


The model needs to be about the height of the abomination but a lot more bulky.

I’ll check out that forum.


how about this?



Does it have to be a GW model?


Does it have to be a GW model?

ooops didn't think about that..probably so...since its Golden Demon..


Is forge world okay. There’s always the toad dragon if that’s suitable for Golden Demon. probably not allowed though. I don’t know the rules for Golden Demon though.


It may well come to a toad dragon if inspiration doesn’t strike.

Basically what I’d like to achieve is a physical manifestation of decay and corruption on a model.  The epitome of a daemon beast of nurgle.  I should point out that my idea is actually to use this as a mount for a GUO…! (hence the scale required). But I’d have to see how the beast turned out first.

So the only limit is my imagination I guess, unless there happens to be any concept art/models out there that I can use for inspiration.

As it would be for golden daemon I cannot use a model from another company (unless I’m resculpting over it beyond all recognition).


If your planning on sculpting a lot, and it’s Nurgle, you can go with virtually any monster. Stegadons are a good one to go with for Nurgle since they can easily be made to look dank and disgusting

The simplest one though would probably be the Arachnarok, the amount of model, bits and such you have there gives you so much potential for ideas. Here is a perfect example of how the Arachnarok can be made into something so different (a giant Nurgle beast coincidentally)


you could always get one of these


and turn it into this…except more Nurgley…



I’ll share a little secret for a cool Nurgle effect. It kind of makes a slimely/flabby look. I recommend trying this on some spare plastic are carboard so you can at least see the effect.

Take Elmer’s glue. Put drops of superglue (I use loctite, just to be precise). Poke it with a piece of sprue or a toothpick. It should dry quickly, though I’d let it sit maybe 10 minutes just to be sure. It’s great for a slime look, for basing or on creatures or vehicles.

I have used it on models to make them look diseased, and it works nicely. I also used in on my Nurgle Rhinos for 40k and done right it looks like it is growing out of the model and looks amazing. Just paint something sickeing on it!

That’s a very simply technique to help Nurglefy a model.


What about a Tyranid Tervigon? With the termagant brood sack it should look very Nurgle and you could always chop and change the head or sculpt your own. Arachnarok legs to go with it or other types of legs. I think it would look suitably nurgle especially if you used the method Swissdictator has given as well.


That’s it decided then, Tervigon it is. Affordable and of a reasonably suitably large scale.

If I go with a rider it will have to be a lowly daemon prince I think, as imo a GUO should be at least 12cm tall (and probably 8cm wide), which would look very silly if it was taller and fatter than the beast.