[Archive] Giant Sized!


Since I have a Marauder Giant, I haven’t bought a new plastic giant for my chaos army.

I’ve read the articles in WD but have yet to actually see one fully assembled. So here is my question: In inches, what is the height of this thing from the feet to the top of the head?

Thanks in advance.


I only have the old metal giant

Ishkur Cinderhat:

I don’t actually own one but I have played against a couple of them… I’d say about 6 inches.


4,6 inches. Mine is 4,6 tall.



i dont have one for my night goblins, i got a giant cave squig from some guy in america which i use instead! will post a pic if i can borrow a camera / work out how to plug my phone into my pc.

however, i have seen the plastic giant and id say its about 6 or 7 inches tall.


Excellent. Many thanks all for the information.


its about the same height as the marauder one but is stooped.

I prefer the Ultraforge one…

heres a comparion with him next to the marauder giant and heresy netherlord…

Kera foehunter:

I have a night gobo one made from the old giant and i have the new one still in the box


The new plastic giant from Citadel is over 6" tall. For scale of it compared to a normal human, you can see it in this pic I took of mine:

The pose of the giant adds a few inches to height. Lets just say that when I field this thing, it is the biggest thing on the battlefield. Its the shrooms… (the one in his hand)

I would measure it, but it is at work in my office at the moment and I’m at home. If I remember, I will measure it tomorrow and update this post.


Again many thanks everyone. It answered the question quite nicely.