[Archive] Giant Squigg


finally, and after a year of my first try, im had start work on my giant squig for my Orkz & goblin army,

hard work, but it loook cool (according to myself :hat off)

I used:

Plastic T-rex legs (for the squig legs)

Horns from dwarf helmets (teeth)

top of pins (the eyes)

Three Bark(the base)

Alusa foil (body)

Green Stuff: skin, scales, and everything else

1st:,I made the base of the squig with the alsusa foil, and then i covered all with green stuff giving the shape i Want, then i second step (and after the green stuff was solid) i add the legs and add the teethm the eyes, and start making lips, eyeborows, and details of the miniature

2 nd… paint the all in red (several times)

3rd: … after peinting i realized that was to simple, so I add the scales, making little balls of green stuff, then I start working on the goblin raider

Final pienting, i add some light and shadow effects (not look very well on photos) bt its done :wink:

the rider its rider, but im adding a squig bagpipe on the back

tan tan

Giant Squig ready for battle


nice, are those six eyes that i see?:o Now u need to find some suitable goblin to ride the thing:cheers


yes 6 eyes, i will work a little more on it to add some nice effects,

The goblin its almost done, so hope for tomorrow to upload this post with it


Now its ready and with its goblin hero with squig bagpipe on the back


Border Reiver:

The only suggestion that I will make here would be to give the squig pupils as it looks like the eyes are different coloured scales.

nicely done


thats true, i will try to give some lizard pupils

Da Crusha:

that is a really nice squig. good job kerbak


It may just be the lighting, but I think the skin needs a little more highlighting around the mouth.

I’d second the pupils thing as well.

Great job though. It’s come out really well.  A mouth that big you could have fit the goblin inside it! :slight_smile:


I don’t know why, but I find squiggs cute. and that is one cute squigg! great work.

if I were to make a suggestion, and it could be picture quality, make the toenails and teeth different colours. it’s unlikely, imo, that nails walking on the ground would be that ‘clean’ looking :slight_smile: and maybe a little lowlighting around the legs/waist

otherwise, good work!