[Archive] Gnobler as Slaves

Kera foehunter:

Question? or fluff?

Since the ogre Kingdom Replaced the Games work shop Chaos dwarfs

The ogre took land that was nest to the Chaos dwarf land.

So in a that way could mobs of Gnobler be use as slaves ?

Since there probably more Gnobler then Hobgoblin now??


Knoblars just don’t have the backstabbing skills to replace our beloved hobgoblins kera.

Kera foehunter:

They may not be as tall as Hobos. but I think they have the back stabbing skills!

The point is there millions of them and they fear us.


For sure and they are easier to find than the big hat era hobgoblins :slight_smile:

Grimbold Blackhammer:

I like Kera’s idea!  And I just bought an entire gnoblar army on EBay to use as hobbo slaves…

Grimbold Blackhammer

Da Crusha:


about half of my gnoblar slaves

Kera foehunter:

Well  the thing i found is there so much happen since the tall hat period of time.
The whole ogre trade for weapons of mass destruction. I feel that the gnobler took the place of the Hobgoblins in the Games work shop world.
Not that i have a passion for gnobler,  Just that they make cheep labor or canon fodder


Pretty feasible, Hobgoblins are just kings of the slaves effectively. Using Gnoblar models as HG units would be easily explained by the fluff.

Thommy H:

Yep. Gnoblars as slaves is canon, in fact. In the 7th Edition rulebook, they came to the Ogre Kingdoms because they were fleeing the Chaos Dwarfs. And I’m pretty sure the current Ogres book has stuff about some tribes trading Gnoblars to Zharr-Naggrund.


Totally agree Kera… Gnoblar slaves would totally work!

So the running slave list then would be…

Ogre slaves (FW LOA)
Gnoblar slaves (house rule)
Orc/Goblin slaves (previous edition)

Would black orc’s fall into that lot as well? Either way me and my friends allow the use of slaves of the above sort as long as its a 1 salve unit per tamurkhan list unit IG, HG, BC, IS or HGWR. It seems to work well and add a nice look to the battlefield.