[Archive] Goblin Rant!


Most everyone knows how I rail against the Specials in our list, but how about this. Just what is the point of normal goblins in our list? I defy anyone to come up with a plausiable explanation other then “looks like GW needed to add another unit somewhere”… :slight_smile:

Can everyone say “filler”? And not very good filler at that!


because the chaos dwarfs couldnt enslave orcs without bringing the gobbos along. i say its to get cheap spears:sick


The point will, as Malificant put it, be: because of the fluff.

You wouldn�t expect a slave trading nation to enslave such resilent species as orcs, and let the oppurtunity pass to take their servants with you. They are strong in numbers, obedient, and no match for their CD slavers…


Great source off sacrificial victims :hat

Other than that not any decent to take them

Grongi Blackbeard:

i dont think people should take gobblins in their army unless you relly want spears as they take up a special choise and hobblins cost less and have better WS. and you could always use goblins that count as hobbgoblins (except for the spears). so unless you want to waste your points at small, green, squeking goblins with spears, i see no reason neither to use them or include the in the list at all.


If the Chaos Dwarves have HOBgoblins then whats the point of regular Goblins?? Hobgoblin archers,warriors,wolf-riders, sneaky gits,heroes, and warmachine crew is enough. Why Goblins? There are almost more Greenskins then Chaos Dwarves in the list. (Black Orcs,Orcs,Goblins,Hobgoblins…)

I guess as said before…filler.

Lord Zarkov:

It’s because they could have it in 5th and all units from 5th were supposed to be usable in RH

Hashut’s Blessing:

As was pointed out before, it fitted in with fluff and as Zarkov has just mentioned, this is an old list and the Orcs & Goblins book was only recently updated. You always need to bear in mind how old our list actually is. It’s at least 3 editions old if I’m not mistaken (in which case it’d still be two editions old).


Oh I get that and I understand the historical imlications as to why its in. I just still cannot get my arms around them being Special, they’re special all right.

Hashut’s Blessing:

It was so that they didn’t count as core. Basically, to avoid having an army of mostly greenskins.


Goblins are more of a hangover from 4th edition. They had a ton of unit options then, so had many more uses than Hobgoblins who had almost no options. Plus Hobgoblins were stupidly expensive in comparison. There was no core/special difference so Goblins were a no brainer unless you went for fluffiness. In 6th edition, Goblins were still worth taking as cheaper cannon fodder than HGs. They got a free shield and cheaper musician than HGs. They were also cheaper bowmen (if shorter range than HGs) and could have spears, filling several different roles.

7th edition Goblins got a giant b*tchslap from GW. I don’t know if Goblin armies didn’t fit GW’s idea of a proper warhammer army or if the writer of their army book just got beaten too many times by them, but Goblin armies have lost every advantage they had over Orcs. I could understand a couple of changes like getting rid of the extra bosses or maybe even the 2 for 1 chariots, but increasing their points cost with no benefit was the worst. They don’t even have much use in the O&G army now, let alone the CD army where previously they mostly edged out HGs due to being cheap.


common goblins have only one place in an orc and goblin army, and that is in a combined gobbo/night gobbo list to avoid crys of cheese when you include a common gobbo boss for his LD in your night gobbos. so you take a few units of common 'ard grots in your night goblin horde, take the common gobbo big boss and BSB w/ raggety grots big red banner, and 2 night gobbo shamans and call it a mixed goblin force.


The list was released during at the start of 6th ed and, like the rest of ravening hordes was there to get players by until their own new glossy army book came out. Goblins were selectable for chaos dwarfs in 5th ed so they stayed, just like wood elf chariots, the war wagon and maiden guard stayed. With the release of the new army books many such options died or were properly tweaked but since we haven’t had a re-fit the goblins stay where they are.

Kera foehunter:

Come on willmark use them then the issies will be gone.Or is the animosity of animosity that scares you. Or you hate gobos.


Nope almost every unit in the list serves a purpose, even the Sneaky Gits being nerfed and all. Gobbos stick out life a sore thumb as particularly useless.


I suppose the only use I can think of is spearmen, but orcs can take those as well. Other than that they could always be used if you already owned goblins and wanted to make up some points


If they could have fanatics like gobbo units like the old days they would then be useful for the “goblin fanatic delivery system” however now… meh.

Kera foehunter:

Yea thats all we need more loose fanatic going around the game.


I love killing goblins, it makes me smile when my saurus scar veteran with a GW dodged 3 fanatics and single-handedly smashed an entire regement into the ground

My god they are so crap!

Uzkul Werit:

And twice as expensive to use as bait. And worse. I beat 20 Goblins couldn’t chase down and kill three Empire Knights. Eight Hobgoblins can. :smiley: